Greetings from Columbia

Published November 10th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This drawing was sent to me by Pastafarian Nicolas from Columbia. I’m happy to see that FSM is spreading worldwide. I think that Che would have approved of our Cause.


63 Responses to “Greetings from Columbia”

  1. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Great to see my country is being represented but please it’s ColOmbia!

  2. Boheme Wench says:

    Make this smaller! It’s a little bit too bigger for it all to fit as my laptop’s desktop wallpaper! please

  3. Boheme Wench says:

    I meant big not bigger. Sorry

  4. q says:

    finally, Che and His Noodliness on 1 wallpaper. i can finally convert my stubborn computer!!!

  5. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Frau Diavolo …I’d like to point out that although it has considerably less O’s than it’s correctly spelt counterpart, “Columbia” still has an O in it.

  6. Momi Pink Shoes says:

    @Pontius Pirate – I need to ask a Blonde Moment question…
    What does “Viva la” mean? m

  7. Cap'n Ollie says:

    Viva la means literally “Live The”, so effectively “long live (pasta)”.

  8. PacificPam (Cool-Aid) says:

    Hey…nah…not worth it.

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