Greetings from Columbia

Published November 10th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

This drawing was sent to me by Pastafarian Nicolas from Columbia. I’m happy to see that FSM is spreading worldwide. I think that Che would have approved of our Cause.


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  1. Maestro Linguini says:

    Also from COlombia (with an O, where pasta is traditionally served in an almost liquid form along with rice, chicken and potatoes),

    Dear Pasta-Pirate friends,

    Please be consistent with “I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts”, by honoring the third one.

    My cOlombian fellow misspelled our country’s name… so what. He still eats his pasta and downloads movies and adobe for free.

    He is lowering the world’s temperature by a hundredth billionth degree a second and he might evolve into a monkey or a midgit someday…

    Let him praise our floury creator as he can.

    Gracias por representarnos en la página, parcero.

    (this last word is not found in any dictionary)



  2. Blanket says:

    That picture sent to you is a Michael Angelo picture showing the Catholic god and Adam,the first supposedly male the Roman god made in his demonic world. As you can see, the Roman gods is a liberal degenerate god. Don’t ask yourselves why this world is so immoral. The god who created it is a homosexual god. Why? The Catholic are conservative people? There is no conservative catholic. There is discrete liberal and brainwashed people by shaman catholics who told people what to do to deceive the world. There are many groups of monsters in the demonic world. The devout ones are there to deceive, but they are demon-possessed which are called “Virtuous Monsters.”

  3. RR Kesselring says:

    Che was a murdering bastard and making him a posterboy for FSM is tantamount to nominating Hitler or Pol Pot, if people were stupid enough to wear Hitler and Pol Pot t-shirts.

    You’re not fooled by the idiocy from the righteous right. Don’t be fooled by the idiocy of the left-out left.

  4. Von Haus says:

    yeah Che was a bit of a murdering bastard but now that image kindof stands for freedom, including freedom of thought which is what the FSM wants. So it’s not quite the same a assocciating ourselves with hitler.

  5. matthew suter says:

    Che was not a pirate as this picture depicts he was a man ready to put down his life to see a fair idea become a reality. Che’s image is used for a capitalist gain millions of t-shirts and posters its good that his ideas were spread but there is websites putting him down calling him a ‘terrorist’ a terrorist is someone who kills inecent people and blow themselves up che not only a politician but a military commander actually facing his guilty enemy in combat.

  6. lenninist says:

    Right on

  7. Jordan says:

    I usually don

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