fsm crossing

Published November 29th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Spotted by Nick in Australia:


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  1. Cap'n Ollie says:

    I expect he COULD float over the road, but he likes to ese if anyone is stupid enough to try and hit him.
    woe betide the man who get in a fight with the FSM

  2. BlackFeathered Wench says:

    @ Wench.Nikkiee:
    But I am le lazy! Ah well, I suppose I could actually make my own. Can’t be much harder than a Jollyfish pumpkin.
    As for the Grand Canyon thingamabob, that’s absurd. I can see having both options available, but sticking to an obviously religious view? That’s offensive.

  3. bombadil says:

    why did the FSM cross the road?

  4. Darth Noodle says:

    To get to the midget on the other side.

    • Keith says:

      To reach the pub.

  5. PacificPam says:


  6. PacificPam says:


  7. BlackFeathered Wench says:

    Well, if *you* saw a midgit on the other side of the road, what would you do? Hmm?

    • alex says:

      WWFPMD? Yep, midgit all the way. :D

  8. El Mostro says:

    Regards from Mosterio, Golician Cultural Sphere. We are pastarians, too.

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