For years, I have been forced to call myself a Taoist

Published November 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

For years, I have been forced to call myself a Taoist, noting that the rabid believers of God (also known as Allah) stare down my back everywhere I go, demanding that I follow one of their churches. I remember a particular fellow: Anwell, who demanded that I join the Christian faith.

But being an Atheist for years, I could not accept the notion of this perfect deity who demands that we believe in him or go to some horrible afterlife. I remained a steadfast Atheist, and pitied the Christians for their insanity.

In high school, which was not long ago, I overheard one of my classmates speaking of an ‘invisible pink unicorn,’ and a larger group scoffing at the idea of a ‘flying spaghetti monster.’

I had heard that these were the hopes for people like me who wanted to counter those blasted Christians, but I had no idea how to find them.

Then I overheard my roommate, who is of the Jewish faith, listening to a song… A song depicting the fight between these two deities on Youtube.

And I realized that it wasn’t a mere talk of legend. I realized that such a movement was truly going on!

Filled with excitement, I scampered to the computer and did some research. Soon, I learned of Pastafarianism, and I must say that I applaud your work here. I am considering joining the Pastafarian faith, and, out of curiosity, I must ask you: Are you aware of how many Pastafarians have actually joined the faith (roughly, of course), or is this movement still fairly unknown?


With deep respect,

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  1. noerart says:

    @meichan: so it’s wrong to try to make people actually *think* about what it is they believe in – so they can decide for themselves? As opposed to people just believing in whatever they were taught as kids.
    I don’t mind people being religious – but I don’t want to hear the usual PR rant we’ve all heard a million times before, nor do I appreciate the scare-tactics certain people employ.
    I have *no* respect whatsoever for those that simply believe what they are told. Be they religious or not(personally I find that atheists can be as much of a pain – if not more – than any religious person out there). If a person can give me a good, thought-out reason for why he or she believes as he/she does then I’ll respect that. However if all they are capable of giving me is simply the standard bs that everyone and their grandmother seems to spout these days(atheist and theist alike) then sorry, respect just became a foreign word to me. I’ll try and be courteous to the person, by all means(at least for as long as my patience lasts) – but don’t expect me to actually have any respect for them until they can prove they are more than cowards hiding behind the words and beliefs of other people, simply because they can’t/won’t think for themselves.
    Oh, and by the way.. “All in the name of humour?” No, not the way I see it, the humour – the satire, the sarcasm, the whatever – is just another way of making people think. Of making them see it from a different angle. Nowadays the word “humour” seems to have become synonymous with mindless entertainment, it isn’t – mere “humour” can make you think. Bill Hicks would be a good example of this. The man had something to say, and he said it – and he made people laugh while doing it in a, some would say, outrageous way. (admittedly I don’t agree with *all* his views, but that’s an other matter entirely)
    Ok, done ranting. Sorry about that.

  2. meichan says:

    By that mode of thinking then, people must be able to give a cogent and convincing argument for what they believe…That argument then subject to a vote? Reviewed by yourself only? Who chooses the committee? FSM itself? the moderator of this blog?

  3. Noodly0ne says:

    @ meichan-The FSM gives me hope and is my religion. I (grudgingly) tolerate your kind, those who
    a-muck about all “holier-than-thou” and generally are killjoys. and
    b-are intolerant bigots.
    I like short, unmoderated posts.

  4. Noodly0ne says:

    Oh yeah, yaaay for Zhang!

  5. paradox says:

    meichan the whole point of FSM is that there is absolutley no evidence, proof or reason to believe in a god whatsoever, and that it is fucking ridiculious. Would you ‘tolerate’ people ‘having faith that’ 2+2=5? Would you let people teach that in schools alongside 2+2=4 to ‘teach the controversy’? You have probably never questioned your belief in god, but try to see it from our perspective

  6. paradox says:

    @ meichan I don’t care if every single religious person is the nicest person in the world and if every single atheist is a serial killer, that doesn’t make believing theres an old invisible man in the sky any less stupid and insane. I don’t care if people kill in the name of religion, or if atheists kill people, that has no bearing on the fact that religion is illogical. You have as much reason to believe in God as you do to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that is the point of this entire thing!

  7. meichan says:

    OK, I see, you are railing against the insanity of it. OK. By insanity, I guess that you mean lack of logic, no empirical evidence. I will refrain from asking how you can prove that there’s not a god. I don’t want anybody here to have an aneurysm. What about other ‘insane’ ideas though? Do you loathe Plato? Does DaVinci give you the runs? What about Hindi mysticism,….a bad skin rash? And how do you feel about the Dalai Lama? And if these examples puzzle you, they are other people who have had an extraordinary impact on culture, learning and the world around us. (depending on how big your world is, of course)

    and to you paradox, well I feel for you. I would not enjoy living in a country where we let our church and state gang up. It’s just bad. No argument. No one’s religion should not in anyway come in the way of education.

  8. Iscariot says:

    @meichan-Why is it that so many people treat a religious belief as untouchable? Some scientists do not straight out say certain things so as to not upset the religious community. what the hell for? we have to treat these people with deference because they decided to blindly believe in something? We have to treat religionists with respect that most of them sure as hell don’t give us. and go tell some hardcore christian that you are an atheist meichan, see how much respect you get, go tell Ann Coulter or randall terry you’re an atheist. at least people can have some interesting conversation here that otherwise wouldn’t happen. maybe we can “convert” some people, ever think of that you turd? think about it meichan

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