Even being a Christian, I get it

Published November 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Great site. Even being a Christian, I get it. :) I don’t think the teaching of so called Intelligent Design has any place in public schools. Faith is not science. Anyhow, long live the FSM. I won’t worship him, but I’ll enjoy his noodly goodness… :)

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  1. Etay says:

    Satin as an idle of worship?
    That’s even more ridiculous than worshiping an invisible hermaphrodite!

  2. Rylore says:

    Then, Tony, you aren’t truly a Christian, nor do you have any idea what REAL science is. You have just called God a liar, by your position, and you deny the reality of Genesis.
    First of all, having a PhD in imagination does not count for a thing. Finding it in a Cracker Jack box or buying it at Walmart does not amount to a hill of beans. You can have the entire alphabet behind your name and still be an idiot. And most who do are.
    Second of all, if anyone on this site has a shred of intelligence, I want you to provide an answer to this problem. Scientists have not been able to give an answer for it, because the only plausible answer β€œis unthinkable.” Here it is:
    The nucleus has properties that force outward – they expel, or push out – so how is it that everything is held together?

  3. PacificPam says:

    Isn’t satin a type of fabric?
    So they will wordship the god of Fashion?

  4. PacificPam says:

    Sorry I meant worship

  5. pieces o'nine says:

    “The nucleus has properties that force outward – they expel, or push out – so how is it that everything is held together?’
    > Have you not read the introductory info so thoughtfully provided by Bobby (may sauce be upon him)? It’s the noodly appendages.
    > It is *just* this sort of question which drives intelligent people to pursue *science*, rather than saying, gee, I dunno, and declaring, “God did it. End of discussion.”
    > Of course, anyone with a shred of intelligence already knows that, and either researches the available scientific evidence or pursues the study him/herself. ‘Cause it would be really kind of silly to ask it as a theological ‘gotcha’ question.

  6. El Peatieablo says:

    All nucleons (protons and neutrons) are attracted to each other through the Strong nuclear force. All particles of similar charge (a group of protons) are repelled by the Electromagnetic force (that you reference).The Strong force is stronger than the Electromagnetic force. The neutrons hold the nucleus together but you can’t just add more neutrons to make a nucleus stable because the neutron (two down quarks and up quark) would transform into a proton (two up quarks and a down quark), an electron, and an anti electron neutrino without the protons stabilizing it through the Weakly interacting nuclear force. If the nucleus is disturbed in the right way (say bombardment by a neutron moving at very high speeds) the balance is upset and the Strong force bonds between the nucleons are broken causing the Electromagnetic potential energy between the protons (along with the energy in the Strong bonds) to be transformed into kinetic, heat, and radiative energy.
    I’m surprised that somebody so confident in themselves about this didn’t pick that up that bit up in sophomore/junior (in high school) level chemistry/physics (or wikipedia, I mean, it’s right there!). I suggest that anybody unfamiliar with the basics of my last post should look up the wikipedia article on “atomic nucleus” and follow the relevant links.

  7. capt. kidd says:

    i have to agee with you, even being a Christan, it doen’t mean that i will not enjoy the noddle goodness. while understand, that i will Not worship him, i enjoy the site.

  8. jimmy choo shoe says:

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