Even being a Christian, I get it

Published November 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Great site. Even being a Christian, I get it. :) I don’t think the teaching of so called Intelligent Design has any place in public schools. Faith is not science. Anyhow, long live the FSM. I won’t worship him, but I’ll enjoy his noodly goodness… :)

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  1. One-eyed Wonderkin says:

    cas – you need to throw off the oppression of the christian god and join the pastafarians. We are generally tolerant, similar to unitarians. Give it a 30-day trial. If you don’t like it, you can be born again as a christian.

  2. PacificPam says:

    Shit…parents this days have to be more responsible with watching what their kids are doing

  3. Jennyanydots says:

    Thanks for that link Cabin Boy Jon. Did anyone else spot there’s going to be a pirate fun day on the 15th December! Also just for the reminisce – thanks for resurecting an old memory of my father dragging me and my sister out of bed at about 5am about 20 years ago to see the replica sail through our part of the country. We were stood on the banks of a river at 6am waving at the crew when they passed us, then got in the car, drove to another point along the route, and waved again. Cheers!

  4. neal says:

    It’s is also interesting how Christians are trying to lobby against programs to vaccinate young women with the new cervical cancer vaccine. Affraid this would increase the liklihood of premarital sex, they prefer that their own and everyone else’s children face a potential death penalty for this offense.

    If an effectivce vaccine is ever discovered for AIDS, is there any doubt these wackos will try to block its distribution at every turn. Wouldn’t want is encumber divine retribution, now would we.

  5. pieces o'nine says:

    “What if their kids were forced to sit through 5 minutes of mandatory, teacher-led Satan worship at the start of each school day? I bet they’d be all gung ho about the separation of church and state then.”
    Oh yeah. That hoary chestnut (hmmm, makes it sound kinda dirty, doesn’t it!) is always dredged up as the Last Bastion against force-fed fundy teaching in a public school. It usually takes the form of: “If we let X-denomination do (whatever) then we have to let EVERYONE do (whatever).”
    Well, yeah, here in the US you kinda do.
    Then the clincher: “What if teh WICCANISTS want to (gasp!) worship TREES or the MOON or (speaker faints) a GODDESS? What if teh SATINISTS (and yes, they often spell it this way!) want to worship SATIN! What would happen then?”
    In an insular community, everyone has a moment of satisfying group panic, staved off by a rousing proclamation that *this* school will proudly endorse X-denomination, and everyone else can just move to another country, like Iran. And the really sorry thing is, *any* majority religion or denomination thereof inspires *identical* behaviour in frightened people.
    Somewhere, perhaps this very site, I came across a joke letter which expresses this beautifully.
    http: //www.jumbojoke.com/the_pastors_pen_268.html
    (take the space out after the http:)
    Best wishes cas; I hope you like it here!

  6. pieces o'nine says:

    Oops, I forgot to add: “Oh noes!!1!1”
    after “What if teh SATINISTS want to worship SATIN! What would happen then?”

  7. rmw says:

    @neal–The cervical cancer vaccine has been a big issue with some fundementalists. Brief background on it: there is a drive to make the vaccinations mandatory by the state, so insurance companies will be legally required to cover them. It’s an expensive vaccination–approx. $300. Now, this has upset fundementalists: “If you make it mandatory, then you’re encouraging teenage/premarital sex and sin! And my daughter would never engage in such unholy activity! So it shouldn’t be mandatory!!!” What they tend to ignore is the fact that parents can opt out of having their daughters get this vaccine, like they can opt out of any vaccine. The drive to make it mandatory has more to do with economics than any sort of morality worries. But, you get a few people with some narrow-minded beliefs who can theoretically screw it up for everyone. We’ll see how this all plays out.

  8. rmw says:

    @pieces o’ nine–“SATIN!!” *snicker*

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