Even being a Christian, I get it

Published November 20th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Great site. Even being a Christian, I get it. :) I don’t think the teaching of so called Intelligent Design has any place in public schools. Faith is not science. Anyhow, long live the FSM. I won’t worship him, but I’ll enjoy his noodly goodness… :)

Have a great day

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  1. Momi Pink Shoes says:

    @Paisley the Pirate – He, you’re right, Italians DO get it.
    I’m Italian and I get it just fine ^.^

  2. ValkyriePariah says:

    Finally!!! A Christian that understands!

  3. Cabinboy Jon says:

    Need to be careful getting too many chrisitan pastafarians, if everyone follows the way of the noodly one won’t pasta prices go sky high leading to less money to spend on grog?

  4. storm petrel says:

    If that happens, we can just make our own pasta, it’s easy enough, 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 egg, few drops of olive oil, and just enough water to bring it all together into a dough, then you can make any pasta you want. There are also special pasta machines with rollers and cutters designed for making every type.

  5. Cabin Boy Jon says:

    Sorry Storm Petrel

    You do know pasta grows on trees, I saw this program on the BBC that said so. If the whole world is full of pasta trees how are we going to find anywhere to brew grog?.

    I do love pastafarians but sometimes they really dont think!!

  6. St John the Blasphemist says:

    @Cabin Boy Jon
    It’s true. And they grow meatballs for fruit. There’s even a song about it. I’m sure many are familiar with that great anthem “On Top of Spaghetti”.
    St John the Blasphemist
    Saint of Great Anthems

  7. ted f says:

    @ St John the Blasphemist
    is the church of the fsm granting you this sainthood?

  8. Cabin Boy Jon says:

    Really do need a pasta uk meet up

    Our last one in London was on a real pirate ship (Golden Hind) http://www.goldenhinde.org/
    and even had state funding (BBC)

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