cult takes refuge in cave

Published November 16th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


CNN reports that a Russian doomsday cult has barricaded themselves in a cave and are waiting for the end of the world.

It’s strange to me that they believe the earth is coming to an end in May 2008, but they’re already in the cave. Six months in a cave is a long time. The move seems a little premature to me, that’s all I’m saying. Why the rush? I feel like I’m missing something. And why would you choose to spend your last days there instead of a nice hotel or something?

Russian anti-cult authorities have determined that up to 29 members, including 4 children, are taking hold in the cave.

I say leave them alone, as long as the children are in no imminent danger. Who cares? What’s the worst that will happen? They’re waiting for the end of the world – they’re not going to mass-suicide. It seems to me that most of the cult disasters have been triggered by authorities trying to intervene. So what if they’re in cave? Leave them alone. If you try to force them out, they very well might mass-suicide.

By far, the scariest thing about this situation is the response from the mainstream church:

“It is obviously some kind of insanity,” Mitropolitan Kirill, a high-ranking Russian Orthodox Church official, told Russian television. “It is perhaps even a medical case. A very dangerous phenomena is happening in Russia’s religious life.”

He added, “What we’re seeing in Penza right now is a most vivid example of what could happen to a country, to a society, if this society is deprived of proper religious education.”

(I added the bold.)

To Mr. Kirill: What is “proper religious education”, and who do you propose decide the curriculum? What makes your cult more legitimate than theirs? You believe the earth is 5000 years old and we rode around on dinosaurs, they’re just living in a cave.

You can read the CNN article here.

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  1. Jennyanydots says:

    @ CatholicLiberal re dinosaurs bit – as far as I can tell, none of us assumed YOU were a fundie. However, you offered to explain all of the ‘mysteries’ of christianity to us, and it’s rather hard to get the real fundies to hang around long enough to answer these, so we were hoping for some infomation that might explain where THEY are coming from.

  2. PacificPam (Butterfly) says:

    I want answers too…!

  3. PacificPam (Butterfly) says:

    Are these people still in there?

  4. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Pam
    Probably not. This type generally leave when faced with rational thought instead of the foaming at the mouth they get from their own kind, which is probably what she wanted anyway. Sorry to disappoint you deary, but we tend to think around here. Nice, wrinkley brains, all raisin heads, not a grape among us like all those pulpit types who frankly these day in my opinion I doubt even half of them even believe the drivel they spout. I’d bet a good third of priests and nuns have simply lost faith and just do it out of (yes I must) habit!

  5. Perna de Pau says:

    Of course we like you Wench Cyka ;)

  6. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @storm petrel: you misssed a chance to explain the Pastafarian view of transsubstantiation to CatholicLiberal. I’m a little weak on doctrine myself, but – don’t spaghetti,Marinara sauce, and meatballs START as the body and blood of the Deity????

  7. PacificPam (Butterfly) says:

    I agree with you Wench Cyka

  8. Old Grouch says:

    @ Pluto – As to the Dormition – Falling Asleep – of the Holy Ever Virgin Godbearer (Theotokos), usually known in the West as “Mother of God”. This is an Orthodox Feast from early Centuries. It comes under the general heading of Tradition, with a complete set of Prayers for Divine Liturgy; and – as is true with all Orthodox Feasts – does not depend upon the Bishop of Rome for its existence in the Calendar.
    Orthodoxy begins with that position of Total Transcendence as Incarnated Immanence, I have posted about on another line. It also has never taught the Roman heresy of the transmission of “original sin” as an ever-increasing burden of “guilt” for Adam’s truning away from God. Adam’s sin weakened man’s will, and left him vulnerable to further refusal to live “face to face” with God; but, while Adam’s sin opened human kind to sorrow, suffering, and death, he did NOT pass along a “debt” owed to God by all future generations, before his descendents could be restored to that Mystical Communion.
    Thus, when, in the fullness of time, God chose to gift Himself to human kind, and conquer death by His death, He became man – “Like unto us in all things, except that He did not sin” – and this fully HUMAN Nature was assumed by way of the Holy Spirit, and The Virgin Mary.
    Since for Orthodoxy, Mary’s acceptance of the Miracle and Mystery exemplifies human re-turning to God, she is Venerated throughout the Church as she should be. However, since neither she, nor you and I, nor anybody else, “inherited” Adam’s “guilt”, or “debt”, she has always been regarded in Orthodoxy as a fit Vessel for the HUMAN Incarnation of Christ. She, herself, IS NOT some product of a sympatho-mimetic magic form of “Immaculate Conception”, since any conception, as such, IS NOT ONE of “inherited orginal sin”.
    This is a very serious difference between Orthodox Christianity and Romanism, where the Virgin has been more or less “elevated” into some kind of “demi-goddess”, by a Dogma that was never even thought of in Orthodox Christian Tradition. And, as a Dogma, the “Immaculate Conception” casts aspersions, and doubt, upon the true HUMAN Nature of Christ, verging on a form of Monophysite/Monothelite position that makes for a very wide and deep gulf between Orthodox Christianity and Romanism. For Orthodox Christians, Christ could not have been, “Like unto us in ALL THINGS, except that he did not sin”, were he to have been born by way of some kind of “demi-goddess”, herself not fully HUMAN. But Roman heresies are abundant; and cover Millenia of political shenanigans.

    For Orthodox, the Holy Ever Virgin Theotoks came to the natural termination there is for humans, death. However, since Her Son, Jesus Christ, had conquered death by His death, she was not subjected to that also natural part of being dead, decay and corruption. But, rather, was taken up, in the body, into that which Christians await when we speak of the Ressurection of the Dead in the Symbolion. Because of her unique obedience to God, she received that gift as a “sign” of what awaits all Christians. And, Orthodoxy has Celebrated that Mystery for almost as long as there has been an identifiable Christian Church.
    Romanism seized upon the external – the bodily Assumption – rather than upon the essentials – as it has done repeatedly when faced with Dogmatic questions. So, Rome has a parallel form of external explanation; and the essential Orthodox position is lost in the West.
    Your other questions arise from the confusion left over when Protestantism threw out the fundamental of Tradition for its current bibliolatry, and the whole notion of finding Christianity in a book – or rather, in what the Protestant leader at the time said (or says) HE found in a book – became a part of European culture. I have cited some source materials for reading, if one desire’s further pursuit of the matter. So, I’ll apologize for sermonizing here; and let education take its own course. Thank you for your patience.

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