iterpretation of inferred evidence distinctly biased

Published November 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

After going through your website, I find that is is ostensibly possible that the world was put into existence by the grace of his noodly goodness. However, I find that your interpretation of the inferred evidence is distinctly biased. Who is to say that the divine noodly appendage did not belong to a Flying Chow Mein Monster, complete with fish balls, instead of the purported meatballs. Indeed, it seems the church of FSM has a definite racial slant, as you have disregarded the cultures of the east. How is it that the FSM created the entire world, when historical evidence clearly indicates that Chinese noodles preceded spaghetti by at least 700 years, and much of the academic community asserts that Europe derived the idea of pasta from Chinese noodles.

I am not Chinese, but I perturbed that a progressive religionists such as pastafarians can fall victim to such bigotry.
Do you offer any explanation to this misrepresentation of fact?

Deeply concerned but curious,

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  1. caveat Lector says:

    Many call him by different names, being the one who created the universe. The chinese may refer to him as noodle soup or something if thats the kind of food he looks like to them then that’s great, but to us he appears to be a spaghetti monster. This is from our cultural bias, but whose to say the chinese refering to him as noodle soup isn’t cultural bias too. It’s what he looks like to us, we just understand that many others view him differently and we accept that

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