iterpretation of inferred evidence distinctly biased

Published November 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

After going through your website, I find that is is ostensibly possible that the world was put into existence by the grace of his noodly goodness. However, I find that your interpretation of the inferred evidence is distinctly biased. Who is to say that the divine noodly appendage did not belong to a Flying Chow Mein Monster, complete with fish balls, instead of the purported meatballs. Indeed, it seems the church of FSM has a definite racial slant, as you have disregarded the cultures of the east. How is it that the FSM created the entire world, when historical evidence clearly indicates that Chinese noodles preceded spaghetti by at least 700 years, and much of the academic community asserts that Europe derived the idea of pasta from Chinese noodles.

I am not Chinese, but I perturbed that a progressive religionists such as pastafarians can fall victim to such bigotry.
Do you offer any explanation to this misrepresentation of fact?

Deeply concerned but curious,

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  1. Perna de Pau says:

    @Ubi Dubium “This is exactly the time to go soft on doctrine! The softer the better! Flimsy moral standards, straight from our great noodly Master!”
    I am reassured to see that most of our fellow pastafarians refuse a “sex of the angels” discussion maintaining thus the CoFSM clearly apart from the false religions.

  2. Tar says:

    Wait a minute, I thought RAmen was Chinese! I doubt we’re as biased as we look :).

  3. Carlos Guzmán says:

    You all must remember that the FSM has existed since the origin of the universe, the chinese noodles and the spaghetti are the culinary representation of the holy archetype.

  4. omgwtfbrittni says:

    dude, ya. I totally get what your saying, but the end of our prayers is RAmen. And ramen is chinese. so we are not biased. we love the chinese! they gave us great noodly yumminess!

  5. Fusillier says:

    Anik, if you had studied thoroughly you would know that His Noodliness can, and does, change all historical ‘fact’ and ‘evidence’ to suit Himself. Why? because He can!

  6. irate Pirate says:

    1-religion doesnt have to make sense.
    2-you just need to have faith.
    3-contradictions are no problem.(see 1 & 2)
    4-you can get away with anything in the religion business.
    Thanks Bobby.
    Paul M.
    Windsor, Ontario
    Canada…confirmed Pirate.

  7. Brittni_Lover_of_RAmen says:

    I swear were not biased! I love chinese! and his noodly goodness made the chinese. So of course he loves them!

    peace love and pirates


  8. JTown Barrett says:

    The FSM is the FSM. We only say he is made of spaghetti noodles because we can think of no other way to describe His Noodly Holiness. His noodles are the most divine to ever have existed; humanity has no such capacity as to comprehend His full Noodly Nature.

    We just think it looks most like spaghetti. So we call it that.

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