iterpretation of inferred evidence distinctly biased

Published November 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

After going through your website, I find that is is ostensibly possible that the world was put into existence by the grace of his noodly goodness. However, I find that your interpretation of the inferred evidence is distinctly biased. Who is to say that the divine noodly appendage did not belong to a Flying Chow Mein Monster, complete with fish balls, instead of the purported meatballs. Indeed, it seems the church of FSM has a definite racial slant, as you have disregarded the cultures of the east. How is it that the FSM created the entire world, when historical evidence clearly indicates that Chinese noodles preceded spaghetti by at least 700 years, and much of the academic community asserts that Europe derived the idea of pasta from Chinese noodles.

I am not Chinese, but I perturbed that a progressive religionists such as pastafarians can fall victim to such bigotry.
Do you offer any explanation to this misrepresentation of fact?

Deeply concerned but curious,

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  1. Bob says:

    Oh ye of little (or none,whatever)) Faith! If ever our GREAT NOODLENESS changes his mind (?) about Being benevolent & instantly becomes malovelent (( did I spell that right? )), He may feed all of ya’ll to something from, say, from and old Flash Gordon flick. Huh? Get what you Doubtin’Thomases got comin’. Put us Belivers in-charge-of-your-asses.Ha! The ones of you left after our Jubilation. After our Rapture,our At – Oneness with FSM.
    Disciple Bob

  2. pieces o'nine says:

    Yea, if your faith be as an acomo pepe ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. And yea, do ye not forget to move also the trees and the midgets with the mountain.
    As for the FSM incarnating as Chinese noodles and fishballs, not even the Játakas (Book of Noodles’ or ‘noodle stories’) support such a premise! It smacks of heresy; pray you that you be not smacked.
    Anik, may you be touched by His noodly appendage, that you shall no more offer sauce unto cellophane noodles, after whom you have gone a-pirating. This shall be a statute for ever unto you throughout your generations.

  3. Pasta Dutchie says:

    That was deep…..
    I do like the earlier idea of the end of the world coming in a series of pasta-sauce based catastrophes, especially if ultimately we all meet His Noodliness in FSM Heaven with a beer volcano etc. etc.
    Do you think they’ll serve appetisers?

  4. Real Dutch Pasta Man says:

    Anyone who believes that FSM is made of macaroni or asian noodles or any other non-sanctioned semolina product is undeniably sending their soul straight to anti-pasta hell. Any such heresy must be expunged from the church immediately lest some rigatoni fanatic starts nailing 95 recipes to my beloved Colacci’s Restaurant/Temple. This is no time to go soft on doctrine. Heretics must be boiled alive until al dente so that FSM can save them. My delicious lunch has confirmed all that I have said.

  5. Fromz says:

    This has been an interesting discussion but, as a recent convert, I have a question which is becoming more urgent as the minutes pass:

    Will it offend the FSM if I have shrimp in my sketti tonight?

  6. Ubi Dubium says:

    @ Real Dutch Pasta Man
    “This is no time to go soft on doctrine.”
    This is exactly the time to go soft on doctrine! The softer the better! Flimsy moral standards, straight from our great noodly Master!
    We must not boil Heretics, but only dogma and fundamentalism. Boil them until they are nicely al dente, and serve them up with parmesan and sarcasm. All noodles are equally noodly, no matter their shape or composition. “Samey-Samey” (from the Third “I’d Really Rather you Didn’t”).
    So lets leave hellfire and damnation and rigid thinking to my fundamentalist brother-in-law. After all, even the Pirate Code is only more like guidelines, really.
    Open your mind, but not so far your brain falls out.

  7. Red Dutchpasta Wench says:

    Ubi Dubium : Agreed! After all there are no commandments in our religion, only I-rather-you-didn’ts :))

  8. PacificPam (Cool-Aid) says:

    @Fromz – No….He doesn’t care…he lets you do what you want….I live in the tropics, all I get is seafood so we have seafood even in pasta and rice and all that sort of stuff….yeah, my point is…no worries dude!

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