World Pasta Day

Published October 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Today, October 25th, is World Pasta Day. I had no idea – thanks to David for the heads up. More on this Holy day here.

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  1. El Peatieablo says:

    Midget in Pirate Regalia
    “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
    Give her a break; she’s probably drunk! :)

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    “Midget in Pirate Regalia Oct 27th, 2007 at 6:42 am

    BTAIM, there are some other holidays Pastafarians might be interested in:
    Jan 1st: Bloody Mary Day (how appropriate!)
    Jan 4th: Spaghetti Day
    Feb 7th: Fettuccini Alfredo Day
    Feb 13th: Tortellini Day
    Feb 18th: Drink Wine Day
    Feb 20th: Margarita Day
    Mar 20th: Bock Beer Day
    Apr 19th: Garlic Day
    Apr 29th: Shrimp Scampi Day
    May 4th: Home Brew Day
    May 11th: Eat What You Want Day (and who doesn’t want more pasta?)
    May 25th: Wine Day
    June 19th: Dry Martini Day
    July 10th: Pina Colada Day
    July 14th: Macaroni Day
    July 19th: Daiquiri Day
    July 24th: Tequila Day
    Aug 4th: Lasagne Day
    Aug 16th: Rum Day
    Aug 24th: Whiskey Sour Day
    Sep 15th: Linguini Day
    Sep 28th: Drink Beer Day
    Oct 4th: Vodka Day
    Oct 6th: Noodle Day (perhaps the kickoff for Pasta Month?)
    Oct 17th: National Pasta Day
    Oct 25th: International Pasta Day
    Nov 8th: Harvey Wallbanger Day
    Dec 12th: Lager Day
    Dec 11th: Noodle Ring Day
    All of the above are official US ‘National’ days, but we might co-opt them for international use.”

    Hey, Thanks for this list.
    I know I get two hundred paid holidays a year.
    But damned if I knew what any of them are for.
    Good to see some of them celebrate pasta.
    I thought they were all for Tequila and Beer until this list, thanks again.

  3. desertpunk says:

    my birthday is oct 25, am i blessed?

  4. Midget in Pirate Regalia says:

    desertpunk: we, who have been touched, are all blessed: but you have been shown special favor. I’m not sure what this gets you, though. Maybe, when you die, you get to skip to the head of the line at the stripper factory.

    Or maybe FSM is just screwing with you and you get a lap dance from Cedric the Entertainer.

  5. Jennyanydots says:

    So if I went to an Italian restaurant on Saturday night and didn’t have pasta, do I have to do penance of some sort? (I know, I know, but they had swordfish steak on the menu. That’s kind of piratical, surely?) If so, what would you suggest?

  6. The Man says:

    Tu Madre

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