Thank you for leading me the proper way.

Published October 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thank you for leading me the proper way. I have finally realized what the true meaning of life is! I have stumbled upon your site and received the noodley grace that I have needed all along. Thank you!

P.S. After I’m done with school, I’m becoming a pirate!

Good luck, Luke. Welcome to Pastafarianism.

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  1. Noodly Servant says:


  2. Beardyoldgit says:

    Avast! (whatever that means)

  3. Rowdiest Wench says:

    Welcome, Luke! Hang out with us (OK I’m not around so much any more but still…). And no matter what else, you have no idea how much we appreciate a new thread! :))

  4. One-eyed Wonderkin says:

    She lives!! I guess your class and assocaited activities did not deep six you.
    Welcome aboard the ship, Luke.

  5. Iron Bess says:

    Yarrrr Luke. Welcome to the club matey. Avast and ahoy and enjoy.

  6. ۞ says:

    Wow! Luke has been touched by his noodly appendage.
    People are always putting down young people, but Luke is a great kid and already got his career planned out.
    I wish him luck.

  7. Etay says:

    Arr! I be suggestin’ ye go to the Piratical Institute of Tech fer yer piratical scholarrrship.
    PIT offarrrs some rather practical courses, such as:
    Basic Pirate Skills [BPS]
    Plundering 101 (Advanced Plundering, Applied Plundering)
    Sailing (Advanced Sailing and Maneuvering)
    General Ways to Escape Capture [GWEC] (More General Ways to Escape Capture [MGWEC])
    Pirate Speech (Advanced Pirate Speech and Slurs)
    And much, much more.
    Fair winds, and good luck,

  8. iPatch says:

    “P.S. After I’m done with school, I’m becoming a pirate!”

    Luke, mate. If it’s in yer heart, then ye be a pirate already. Arrr!

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