Thank you for leading me the proper way.

Published October 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thank you for leading me the proper way. I have finally realized what the true meaning of life is! I have stumbled upon your site and received the noodley grace that I have needed all along. Thank you!

P.S. After I’m done with school, I’m becoming a pirate!

Good luck, Luke. Welcome to Pastafarianism.

31 Responses to “Thank you for leading me the proper way.”

  1. new pastafarian says:

    Hi Luke, May the sauce be with you.

  2. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    @new pastafarian
    Welcome to you as a new convert too of course.

  3. PirateEVIL says:

    hiya luke
    gd 4 u PIRATES RULE!!!!

  4. ۞ says:

    weren’t they more like guildelines?

    That’s what they tell you in the first lecture.
    Did you know pirates really did write up codes of conduct? Though actually only between the members of a crew.

  5. Wench Cyka says:

    @ all you Pirates!
    Why do all these trolls think that calling a wench a slut is an insult? Isn’t that the general idea of the title?

  6. ۞ says:

    Only someone who’d never had a slut would think they didn’t want one.

  7. nick fleck says:

    the World has ran out of beef, I am so upset, And Crying

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