Song about hell

Published October 11th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received the following email from Abina: (I did the illustration)


I wrote a song about hell. I was looking at the HATE MAIL section and there was a ton of stuff about hell forever and stuff… so i wrote a song about it!

meet ya in hell meet ya hin hell hey aint that swell
Since we’re all pastafarians we’ll meet each other in hell

In our old earth lives, now we may have known each other
but now we’re in hell together we know and respect on another


In our life so short it was we were torn apart
But because we’re pastafarians we’re together- aint that smart?


Thoughwe may all be burning we must smile and and think ‘ oh well’
At least we’re all together now right in the middle of hell


The look of fire’s pretty though. The look of ice is nice ,yea
You got to stop feeling and start fealing you know
or else your brain will turn into a dodo


God oh God we’re really pissed
’cause since you don;t exist
We’ll never get to see
The burning of the city


That’s it. -Abina

I like it. I want to hear someone sing it. -bobby

16 Responses to “Song about hell”

  1. Jean Bart says:

    More Atkinson:”Amazing Jesus”


  2. god is meh for it art he who is the fsm says:

    i love this song and i love the riligen i got in so much trubl with it my teacher sent me out of the room for my beleefs and i got in big trubl.

    ps: my spelings reaally bad cus im dislexic

  3. pile-o-pasta says:

    whow thats really funny. i love being a pastafarnist. we have more fun than chistans.
    P.S. ill see yu all in hell

  4. PacificPam says:

    we don’t go to hell cuz it’s hot.
    Didn’t you get the song? duh!

  5. Abby says:

    Hey you guys are stupid GOD ROCKS!!!!! it pisses me off that you think God isnt real and you know what you all won’t be smiling while your burning in hell b/c it will hurt like hell while you flesh peels away amd you rot to your bones ok?!?! So if you want eternal life i suggest you turn to your REAL creator God the Lord Jesus Christ ok?!?! You will have a great life in heaven and have anything you could possibly imagine every great thing there is will be there but in hell you won’t have squat you will have the devil taunting you and mocking you and making fun of you pissing you off while you’re burning away into nothing got it!!!! So i just suggest you turn to you REAL creator God and not some fake monster pasta dude got it!!!!

    LOVE, Abby

    GOD IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  6. El Peatieablo says:

    Abby, what logically makes christianity any more right than Pastafarianism?

  7. Aristotle says:

    @Abby – I wouldn’t want to go to your Christian heaven even if it did exist. The reason? Because I want to be human. In a place like the heaven described in the bible, no one can be human. Humans inevitably cause their own suffering. And heaven doesn’t have suffering, right?

  8. Scotty B says:

    It has to be hot, how else are we supposed to boil the water to cook the pasta?

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