Slaughterhouse-Five phrophecy of FSM?

Published October 10th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Pastafarian Nick brought this to my attention. I believe he’s the first to discover this hidden message in Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel Slaughterhouse-Five.

First, a short description of the plot, courtesy of wikipedia: Slaughterhouse-Five spans the life of a man who has become unstuck in time. It is the story of Billy Pilgrim experiencing different time periods of his life, most notably his experience in World War II and his relationship with his family. The book is a series of seemingly random happenings that, in combination, present the thematic elements of the novel in an unraveling order.

Billy is kidnapped by aliens from the planet Tralfamadore, who exhibit him in a zoo along with a pornographic movie star. Tralfamadorians see in four dimensions, meaning they see time as well. They have therefore seen every moment of their lives already.

With that premise, take a look at Vonnegut’s description of how the all-seeing Tralfamadorians perceive time and space:

The heavens are filled with rarefied, luminous spaghetti.

Clearly, Vonnegut was a Pastafarian.

I’ve left the comments open on this post – I hope to hear some alternative interpretations of Vonnegut’s “luminous spaghetti” phrophecy. What do you think?


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  1. Mr Farty says:

    Kurt was a Pastafarian? Now it all makes sense.

    Kilgore Trout was the FSM in disguise.


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  3. Keith says:

    Uh, great stream of consciousness stuff honey. I am not certain that this is the site to post it on. Perhaps an avant-garde poetry site would be more appropriate.

  4. sophie says:

    kurts legendary and most pastarific book about the bombing of dresden and the all seeing spagetti deity is possibly one of the best sci fi bibles ever written.

    Tralfalmadore is possibly a very clever allegory for 4d heaven, time being clearly defined in a linear way where none but tralfalmadoirian logic and philosophy has any relavence.

    As the famous sci-fi writer of unpublished short stories trout would say: tin-ga-ling tin-ga-ling
    ( obviously a clear reference to the big ring of the spagetti timer going off to annouce the al dente arrrival at the birth of the universe )

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    Slaughterhouse-Five phrophecy of FSM?

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