Official Recognition by Facebook

Published October 18th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this message from Will:

I found this while updating a certain profile of mine of a certain website called Facebook. You probably already know of this website as it is quite well known to the masses. You have probably already seen what I am emailing you to show you, but in case you haven’t I feel the need to send you an email anyway. On with showing. Attached is a .jpg file with a screen shot of my computer displaying the editing of my Facebook profile. I was changing my religious views to “Pastafarian” (naturally) and in doing so when I had only typed in four letters “PAST” the website went on to finish it with a choice of “Pastafarian”. I found this quite amusing.

p.s. When I began typing in “Rast” to see if they finish that as “Rastafarian” nothing came up. Which means, if Facebook was the authority on religions in the world, you’d have the Rastafarian’s beat. Congrats!


Thanks, facebook. I wonder if Myspace snubs us because of that FSM virus that was infecting their users pages – even though it was almost certainly created by someone who was not a Pastafarian.

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  1. Len Guini says:

    After seeing this, I tried to change my religion to PAstafarianism on MUltiply, which is like Myspace, and it wouldn’t let me. I complainmed to customer service, and turns out, the CEO is a pastafarian, too, and the website will soon be changed to allow people to select PAstafarianism as a religion.

  2. Edwards says:

    Gaytown? is that a real place or just a joke about effeminate french guys.

  3. Starbuckaneer says:

    Ooohhh, that’s almost enough to make me get a Facebook account… what about MySpace? Have they changed it yet?

  4. will says:

    the gaytown france thing came about when one of my friends went onto my account and changed all of my info. he put gaytown as the town and the state to France. i just never changed that back because i found it quite amusing. its not a joke on effeminate french guys, but close.

  5. Ian says:

    Not sure, but I think a lot of Facebook indexing is based on the databases. For example, if enough people insert certain words in certain categories, it will try to finish it for you. I could be completely wrong, and it could just be that they love us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other commonly-placed words were also auto-completed by Facebook.

  6. Pastafarian Girl says:

    That is way cool! Bllllllttt MySpace! I SPIT on you and create my profile to declare that Pastafarians ARE here and in your face on MySpace! What NOW!?!?!? ;)

  7. collin says:

    Spaghetti is the official religion of 324 people listed in the Toronto Network. Must be a Pastafarian sub set!


  8. David says:

    It only took me 3 letters – and it appeared with just p, only there were other religions alphabetically ahead.

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