Official Recognition by Facebook

Published October 18th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this message from Will:

I found this while updating a certain profile of mine of a certain website called Facebook. You probably already know of this website as it is quite well known to the masses. You have probably already seen what I am emailing you to show you, but in case you haven’t I feel the need to send you an email anyway. On with showing. Attached is a .jpg file with a screen shot of my computer displaying the editing of my Facebook profile. I was changing my religious views to “Pastafarian” (naturally) and in doing so when I had only typed in four letters “PAST” the website went on to finish it with a choice of “Pastafarian”. I found this quite amusing.

p.s. When I began typing in “Rast” to see if they finish that as “Rastafarian” nothing came up. Which means, if Facebook was the authority on religions in the world, you’d have the Rastafarian’s beat. Congrats!


Thanks, facebook. I wonder if Myspace snubs us because of that FSM virus that was infecting their users pages – even though it was almost certainly created by someone who was not a Pastafarian.

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  1. Captain W says:

    Facebok also has a CoFSM Application.

  2. Deamonette says:

    @Iron Bess
    What’s the rest of your name on it? Find me on there.

  3. flux says:

    What was the virus on Myspace?

  4. Le Pastafarisme reconnu par Facebook « Eglise Pastafarique de Suisse Romande says:

    […] Le Pastafarisme reconnu par Facebook Publié 18 octobre 2007 Communauté Notre Eglise figure désormais dans le catalogue des religions sélectionnables sur votre profil FaceBook (source) […]

  5. Dan Rowen says:

    It was not always like this…my brother and I started the Official Petition to Facebook asking them to make Pastafarian one of their recognized, official religions, and while the membership is dwindling now, the people, and pirates, have spoken!


  6. El Peatieablo says:

    It can’t have been like this for too long. I first created my page in June and I actually had to type *all* the letters! I tell ya, those last seven letters were a real drag.

  7. Pasta me! says:

    i noticed this when i converted (in real life and on facebook) and it made me really happy

  8. ptz911 says:

    Thats Great!!!


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