I’m a Catholic.

Published October 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I’m a Catholic.
But before you get ready for hate-mail, wait a minute.
Because really I think you’re brilliant. Not that me thinking you’re brilliant is that high a compliment.
Teaching ID in schools as science is completely ridiculous. No religion should be taught in schools.

Facts are important.

I just want you to know that not all catholics are … um… crazy.
But something to consider, they do believe that their religion is true so in their eyes they are merely spreading the truth, not hurting anyone.

May you be touched by his noodly appendages,
or god bless you but that’s probably a bit hypocritcal at this point,

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  1. Pixel Pete says:

    It’s good to see that we have some Catholics on our side. I’d say welcome aboard, but you seem to be at home already :)

  2. Catechism Student says:

    Long-time reader, first time poster.

    I’m catholic as well, and I also believe that religion shouldn’t be taught in schools. For a while I was upset that my religion is ignorant when it comes to certain things (ex: evolution), but I’ve started to hear good things about it. For one, I’ve heard that the Catholic church has begun “looking into” evolution. (But catechists don’t want to teach their students this because they think it’s like sacrilege.) Also, about half of the catholics I know (few of which are my relatives sadly) believe that teaching ID in schools is a generally bad idea and they believe in evolution.

    (the first part may not be true, that’s why i put the “heard” in)


  3. Hunchbook says:

    I’m afraid you “heard” wrong. The Vatican fully endorses evolution and the official Roman Catholic stance on the majority of the old testament, including (especially) the book of Genesis is to be taken metophorically, so none of it is really true. It’s symbollic as it was originally the oral traditions of the Hebrew people. The “crazy” people out there are the fundamentalists who haven’t heard this and have decided to take the old testament literally (bad, bad BAD idea). The other crazy part about it… many aren’t Catholic. They Christian, but they’re not Catholic meaning they don’t follow the teachings of the Pope in Rome, and they have their own Catecism (same bible though)

    Also I have to say SOme one above said: ” Is ultimately impossible to reconcile with your Catholicism which has we know has at best a total disregard for facts and in many cases contempt for them.
    So you’re either being disingenuous or are genuinely misguided.
    We get a lot of xians of all denominations being disingenuous”

    DUDE!!! She’s on YOUR SIDE!!! Why are you blasting people who are agreeing with you??? AND since when has Catholicism had a total disregard for facts? It pretty much stopped that with Mendelian genetics, or have you not heard that pretty much the father of modern genetic and hereditary theory was a Catholic monk? (look it up) Also, the vatican employs physicists and other scientists who, by the way, are also priests. How’s that for blowing your mind.

    May his noodly appendage touch your lives.

  4. Hunchbook says:

    PS, welome catechism student!! Please no one hate me.:)

  5. St. Arrrrgyle says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the Pope and/or the Vatican recently asserted that Catholicism is the “only true religion”. If not a disregard for facts, it’s at least pious Pope poop.

  6. The Nope says:

    And here I thought religion was about enlightenment and not one giant “I can piss farther than you” competition.

  7. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Hunchbook
    Can I have a hallpass into the Vatican library? Pretty please?
    *bats her eylashes in her most pious and winning fashion*
    I promise only to look at the books they’ve gathered on the occult! I promise, I really don’t care what details they care to hide about their own religion, I just want to know what they know about mine! And don’t even say what books? That library has the biggest collection of books in the whole wold on every variety of supernatural study any sober & sane or even drug-addled &crazy person has ever come up with.
    @ The Nope
    I’ll piss as far as ya like for that hall pass ;-)

  8. The Nope says:

    Not a fan of the vatican in any way.

    can you give me 15 feet?

    now that’s respectable. :)

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