I just kinda stumbled across you FSM website

Published October 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I just kinda stumbled across your FSM website and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard of. I’d first of all like to say that the entire FSM idea is very brilliant (I’m not sure who thought of it, but it’s a very creative way of communicating the point of separation between church and state). I think what many Christians posting on your site don’t consider is how upset they would be if someone else’s beliefs being taught to their children.

Of course. I’m a Christian (surprise)… haha I know you get lots of emails from us, but I just want to apologize. I didn’t read everything on the website, but in the half an hour or so I spent lurking around I failed to find even one positive thing posted by a Christian. Anyways. I’d like to just say I’m sorry that we have been so threating, demanding, and rude. In fact the Christ we claim to follow and aim to live like is a virtual polar opposite of what most of the accounts (I read) seemed to portray.

So I apologize for doing Jesus a horrible injustice. I hope your opinion of Him will not be too masked by our horrible representation.



– I do receive many nice, not at all hateful, emails from Christians, I just rarely post them as the hatemail seems to interest people more. -bobby

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  1. Peter Popoff says:

    “Len Guini Oct 27th, 2007 at 6:25 pm

    @Peter Popoff
    Are you serious?”
    Yea, I’m still hoping to find a link.

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    @ Annie, You’re just a normal xtain from my point of view.
    I know plenty in the real world.
    Here on the net though, and probably at it’s worst at this site, there aren’t many.
    You get to see all the diehard nuts, on both sides of the fence here.
    You understand why bobby created this thing to begin with.
    He didn’t set out to tear down the xtian churches, or even destroy those of faith.
    Just to keep them from forcing themselves in our public school system,
    was the part I understood as well.
    Which is a great thing, you get that part, as do most xtains.
    And the way he did that by incorporating satire is awesome.
    Anyway, if you’re still lurking about here, forgive the diehard haters that are around this site.
    The xtains and the pastafarian ones as well.
    They are not a part of mainstream society, you knew that anyway.

  3. Len Guini says:


  4. ☠DutchPastaGuy☠ says:

    “She prays for me regularly. I am new to FSM so I can’t wait to inform her that I will be eating pasta for her!”
    Or have a beer for her, it’s highly revered within Pastafarianism.

  5. Peter Popoff says:

    “Len Guini Oct 28th, 2007 at 10:46 am

    Awesome, Thanks!
    Now to remember what I was looking for…

  6. Sirius says:

    Peter Popoff
    “just a normal xtain from my point of view. I know plenty in the real world.”
    What exactly is a “normal” xtain and which brand of religion do they worship?

  7. Peter Popoff says:

    “Sirius Oct 29th, 2007 at 12:34 am

    Peter Popoff
    “just a normal xtain from my point of view. I know plenty in the real world.”

    “What exactly is a “normal” xtain”
    You know, those 7ft tall people that are over your head.
    You do know right?

    “and which brand of religion do they worship?”
    I’ll let you figure that one out all by yourself.

  8. Kuro Mizu says:

    Aww can we keep her? She’s one of the rare non-hypocritical Chrisitans!

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