I am very concerned about something

Published October 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I read your web site and I am very concerned about something. I consider myself a good Christian and I have read the Bible many times (not like some of the so-called Christians people who post to your web site and just yell and say stupid things). So I am familiar with most parts of the Bible but in no place that I have seen is there any reference to pasta or a being that resembles your flying spaghetti monster. God created man, and man created pasta, but if it was any different than that there would be a reference in the Bible. So I am worried that perhaps your religion is not based on real evidence that God wrote. Please feel free to write back to me and I will be glad to discuss this with you if you like.

God bless,

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  1. Treehugger says:

    Can you honestly say that you believe every world of the bible is true? In one part of the bible, it says that slaves should respect their masters as they would Christ. In another part, it says that you should stone unruly children. Different copies of the bible even contradict each other. In some, it says that before God created the world, it was endless ocean. In others, it says a desert. Evangelical Christians even try to validate the bible by quoting other parts of the bible! I’m not saying that none of the bible is true, just that a book written by humans trying to comprehend life, the universe, and everything (if you’ll excuse the Douglas Adams quote) over long periods of time, then edited by a roman emperor is bound to have at least a few inaccuracies.

  2. Saucyballs says:

    I can honestly say that I have tried to read the bible. I open it…*yawn* close it, then sleep. I usually get a good night’s rest from reading only a few lines. I believe I never got past the first page. I always wanted to see what all the hype was in reading this book that drives so many lives. Someday I may read it entirely…*yawn*…damn, always makes me sleepy even talking about it. Anyway, I find it difficult to follow something that people wrote in a time where anything was believable. (Man stands on rock in water..appears to be walking on water! *must write about his amazing feat!*) I’ve seen many interpretations of the same verse, so who is right? I grew up pretty much without religion, my mother was Buddhist and father was Protestant…of course both were non-practicing. I spent most of my early years bouncing around with friends from one church to the next, just because I slept over and they took me to church with them. *UGH* So, in my knowledge of the bible, which is little, and all the preachings I had to withstand…the FSM is my choice. A friend brought me here recently and I was touched by his noodlely appendage. May it touch you too.

  3. Teh Spag-worshipper says:

    I think that the Bible is actually a pretty good book if you take it as just that – a book. Especially the Old Testament, as I’ve said ^^
    On the other hand, if I handed in something like it for my English coursework, I’d probably lose marks by the dozen. I mean, clearly Jesus was either ignorant or a deranged psychopath, since he says that the same God who turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt (because she looked back when he demolished her town and killed all her friends and family. Terrible sin, that.) is a ‘merciful God’.
    But if you take each book of the Bible as a seperate myth, they’re pretty good.

  4. Jon888 says:

    Man I hate how people think that the bible is truth, and if its not in the bible, it cant be true. IT WAS WRITTEN BY A BUNCH OF CAVE-DWELLING JEWS!!!! The bible is not truth, it is a compilation of writings on events, and stories.

  5. Fregory says:

    Hmm… Pastafarianism is not true! I went and got my Bible and looked and looked for it but I couldn’t find ANYTHING about it! It just can’t be true.

    Come on.

  6. neal says:

    Cinta: The reason why you don’;t see that is because in the book of Jeremiah where God reveals himself to be a FSM and tell old J that all of the other shit in all the other books is there is just a practical joke, there is also a passage warning “those idiots bush and chenney to leave Iraq alone, along with Brittany Spears, of course” Upon taking office, the Cheney-Bush junta seized all bibles in the world and had them re-dacted to omitt the all reference to FSM, Iraq and Brittney. Thus, the current state of world wide ignorance regarding man’s place in the Pastaverse.

  7. James Feeney says:

    To the guy who wrote this.
    Oh Dude. Lighten up. God must have a sense of humor. He made you, and we all get to laugh at you.

  8. kristie says:

    I think you’re mistaken: the FSM gave us the IDEA to invent pasta in his noodly likeness.

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