I am very concerned about something

Published October 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I read your web site and I am very concerned about something. I consider myself a good Christian and I have read the Bible many times (not like some of the so-called Christians people who post to your web site and just yell and say stupid things). So I am familiar with most parts of the Bible but in no place that I have seen is there any reference to pasta or a being that resembles your flying spaghetti monster. God created man, and man created pasta, but if it was any different than that there would be a reference in the Bible. So I am worried that perhaps your religion is not based on real evidence that God wrote. Please feel free to write back to me and I will be glad to discuss this with you if you like.

God bless,

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  1. tewlyWaityTat says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

  2. Garrick McElroy says:

    You’re a genius. If I say anything more than this I’m going to start yelling at you. We don’t believe in your Bible. Okay? We don’t believe your Bible is correct. Get it?

  3. Joukahainen says:

    The truth is not in the Bible but in spaghetti. Eat some and you’ll understand.

  4. Alphy says:

    “God created man,….”

    It’s more like man created God and created him in his image. Then man’s God created what had always been including man himself. Senseless as all hell, aye? Well, that’s what religion is. Senseless as all hell. And; man created his own god and his own believe system in him. Then some terrible thing like modern science came along and told god that man did not create him and that he had evolved out of the imagination of ignorant men. But religion steadfast it firmly refused to admit that god was created by man!

    Do not people, I warn you, Do not partake of the tree of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

    Oh, no let’s just all remain ignorant simple minded fucks. Hell, no! Who wants knowledge of good and evil. That means we might have to take responsibility for our own behavior and choices. We could all be blissfully ignorant in paradise blaming some boogy man in the sky or some horned devil with a pitchfork when things don’t go our way.

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