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Published October 5th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this today. I decided to assume an email about hatemail copyright issues implies consent for posting here.

Dear Sir

I am not a writing to you to join your long list of “hate mail” attached to your wall I’m just offering some advise in which i suffer knowledge of in which have been expressed by the website (Including the address of www.venganza.org). Though i do no have any formal expertise this is a area i have studied in the past and would like to bring to your attention.

Creative works are covered under international treaty as copyright which includes but is not exclusive to Email messages, handwritten notes, books, computer programs and web pages are all creative works and they are all protected by copyright. Put basically anything that is intellectual material other then your own DOES NOT belong to you. And therefore can not be copied without expressed permission.

In some circumstances sending an email creates an implied license for personal uses. Thought is would be extremely hard to prove in cases where copyright is attached. Also the uses or publication of names, email address and any other personal information without permission and protection is controled by The Data Protection Act (US:1998,2000 UK:1998,1986). And in this case would leave the publisher and affiliates liable to prosecution.

I do not wish to refefer to any specific violoation but i hope this information is of some use to you. Thank you for your time.

Yours Faithfully

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  1. One-eyed Wonderkin says:

    here is my feeling

  2. lelumarie says:

    From the “10 Big Myths” site that Jyubokku linked above:

    “Posting E-mail is technically a violation, but revealing facts from E-mail you got isn’t, and for almost all typical E-mail, nobody could wring any damages from you for posting it. The law doesn’t do much to protect works with no commercial value”

    So…technically yes, but no, not really.

    Much like fan fiction, who is really going to do anything about it? o_0

  3. Verybland says:

    I’m so sorry to inform you but e-mails ARE NOT private documents. It should be in your e-mail program/websites Terms and Conditions or EULA. You know that thing where you just push “Accept”. try reading it sometime =)

  4. Earthbreaker says:

    I missed the point of that…

  5. Manx says:

    I guess if that’s true, I’d have to stop forwarding e-mails… I might get sued for stealing intellectual properties.

    But I believe His Holy Pasta has plans (meal plans) to allow us to pursue this quest.

  6. Drew says:

    Advise, you mean Advice? Because THAT would be helpful.

  7. Cleetus Van Damme says:

    Hey James you got any “refefer” to spare? It makes a good herb addition for holy meat sauce.

  8. Elise the Pirate says:

    Grammar errors give this away immediately.
    Following in brackets, errors; first paragraph:
    “I am not [a] writing to you…” -a?
    “…attached to your wall[ ]I’m just offering…” -run-on sentence.
    “…some [advise]{ in which [i] suffer knowledge of in which} have been expressed…” -should be advice -capitalize I -nonsensical phrase poorly masking the attempt to sound intelligent.
    “Though [i] do [no] have any…” -capitalization -not.
    “…this is [a] area {i} have studied…” -an before vowel -missed I capitalization again (last time I note this).
    Did this person stay awake in their remedial English class?
    I feel no need to cite the errors in the second paragraph. First sentence is a lie. also contains punctuation errors; also “and” should not begin a sentence.
    Third paragraph:
    “Thought is would…” -should be ‘Though this would…’.
    “…email address and any” -comma missing “…address, and…”
    last sentence is a lie.
    “I do not wish to [refefer] to any specific [violoation] but i hope this information is of some use to you. Thank you for your time.” -refer -violation.

    This concludes my Grammar Nazi corrections for this topic, thank you.

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