Global warming concensus wrong

Published October 31st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Our friends at Daily Kos report that the global warming models that were believed to be true by most scientists are likely wrong.

The world’s climate experts have long been making some very dire predictions about Global Warming. Because they are predictions, they rely very heavily on computer models.

Many people– especially conservatives– warned about this. They pointed out that models are prone to many errors, and the scientific consensus is not always right.

Other people chose to rely on the scientific consensus. Honesty compels me to admit that I was in this group. We didn’t think think the consensus was the last word, but we did believe it was the best window to the future a non-specialist could look through.

The consensus of climate experts were wrong. Absolutely, verifiably wrong. The computer models were wrong. They simply do not match reality.

It’s almost like the scientists overlooked something, another factor somewhere…


Daily Kos doesn’t mention the Pastafarian theory of Global Warming, but the article is worth reading, anyway: here.

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  1. storm petrel says:

    If only they knew the real reason, the increase in pirates due to pastafarianism couldn’t be predicted by the computers

  2. storm petrel says:

    My first gold, yay

  3. Bookem says:

    Silver? or Bronze?
    They need to introduce pirates into the models.

  4. Pluto says:

    @ Bookem- you’d get silver mate.

  5. Pluto says:

    I get Bronze!

  6. PacificPam (IF) says:

    So, we are not melting?
    I haven’t read the article, I just wanted to be under Pluto! =)

  7. Deelawn says:

    Notice with the Halloween season approaching, the weather is colder, as if, I don’t know… maybe PIRATE numbers have been increasing??

  8. PacificPam (IF) says:

    Dude, you are right!

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