Fellow Pastafarian needs your help

Published October 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Shelly Batts, scienceblogger and pastafarian at the neuroscience blog Retrospectacle (www.scienceblogs.com/retrospectacle) has been nominated for a $10k Student Blogging Scholarship.

She needs votes to win. So you can help by going here, and choosing Shelley Batts, the 4th name on the list.

44 Responses to “Fellow Pastafarian needs your help”

  1. Shelley Batts says:

    I’m gaining on her though, slowly and steadily! The FSM deems it so!

  2. ۞ says:

    Vote for Shelley everyone to show that the FSM favours the faithful!

  3. Wench Cyka says:

    I not only voted for you, I used my big mouth to sling a little cerebral BS as well. I hope it helps. We definitely need more people poking into neuroscience in the world, especially women! rar!

  4. Satan says:

    Kimberly Klein obviously doesn’t realize that saying “yarr” on a regular basis is an extremely effective method of reducing breast cancer.

  5. Wench.Nikkiee says:

    PSST Over here too guys. Don’t forget to get your votes in for Shelley.

  6. Wench.Nikkiee says:

    @Pluto Oct 12th, 2007 at 6:35 am
    “I could post you the jam jar then you could loosen it and send it back?”
    Oh ok then. My postal address is: John Howard, c/- Kirribilly House, NSW.
    You know the posting rules don’t you? Brown paper addressed with purple or green crayon.

  7. Pluto says:

    No probs. I’ll mark the jars ‘Anthrax’ so you know their from me.

  8. Tina B. says:

    Got my vote! Got my husband to vote too, and my son. Maybe I’ll post it on my BlogSpot and Yahoo 360…

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