Fellow Pastafarian needs your help

Published October 12th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Shelly Batts, scienceblogger and pastafarian at the neuroscience blog Retrospectacle (www.scienceblogs.com/retrospectacle) has been nominated for a $10k Student Blogging Scholarship.

She needs votes to win. So you can help by going here, and choosing Shelley Batts, the 4th name on the list.

44 Responses to “Fellow Pastafarian needs your help”

  1. PacificPam says:

    I did it!
    Shelley, make me proud!
    If you make a lot of money, remember me…

  2. Pluto says:

    @ Wench Nikkiee Oct 12th, 2007 at 5:54 am
    “Well I can’t help you Pluto……my arms aren’t long enough :p”
    I could post you the jam jar then you could loosen it and send it back?

  3. dantes_torment says:

    I helped.

  4. Nephelos says:

    As did I.

  5. Pluto says:

    Can we vote more than once?

  6. Shelley Batts says:

    You can only vote once per IP address. But other IP address are fair game!

    Thank you guys for your help! I could really use it towards my PhD.

  7. Sykko says:

    Voted :D Good luck Shelly!

  8. PacificPam says:

    Shelley! good luck!
    go Shelley,Go Shelley, Go Shelley…aha aha aha aha aha

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