death threat

Published October 17th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this today. My guess is that it’s fake (“the society of L” makes me think so). But I’ve thought that before and been wrong. What do you guys think?

the Society is watching your activities with concern, as it includes:
– Active denial of HIS creation
– Active violation of the first commandment
– Implicit support for the cainitic and other heretical, blashemical or ungodly incarnations.

Therefore, the brothers of the Society have set you on the list of possible hunting targets.
You should revise your activities show that you are not tainted by the devil or work under influence of the Wyrm, as some brothers suggested.

We will keep an I on you. Should the unholy blasphemy continue, a well guided blade may find your throat at any time.

Be aware.
The Society of L.

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  1. Bobert says:

    OMG!!! What will we do?!? The Society of L is watching us! We’re all going to die!!

    Srlsy. Is searching the web for other religions all you do?? You remind me of Ned Flanders.


  2. Product #C12924 says:

    I love how a powerful society capable of assassinations misspells the word “eye”.

  3. leonid says:

    “We will keep an I on you.”

    That’s the line that eye really find to indicate that it’s fake.

  4. Amoeba says:

    “…or work under influence of the Wyrm…”
    This leads me to believe it is a fake. The “Wyrm” is the evil force in the RPG (Roleplaying Game) Werewolf: The Apocolypse…

  5. Thomas says:

    The white wolf company has been named here a couple of times and those people were correct. I’m not sure this hasn’t been said before but to make sure.
    White wolf designed an RPG world called “world of darkness” where the players could play as a creature of the night (werewolves and vampires mostly). According to the mythology created behind the game, these creatures of darkness are the descendants of Cain, who had slain his brother Abel, according to the bible. The bible does say Cain was cursed for this by God, but the game takes it further by stating this curse was the curse of vampirism. Cain was the very first vampire.
    So in the game, the players must remain ever vigilant for fanatic hunters, mostly christian monks with extensive close combat and arms training, who call themselves (and here it comes…)
    The society of LEOPOLD
    The writer refering to ‘hunters’ and ‘cainites’ (=descendants from Cain), both important parts of the WoD setting, leaves no doubt where this came from. (or rather, was stolen from)
    My guess is this comes from one or a group of WoD player(s) who have lost their touch with reality to alarming levels. While it is probably harmless, never underestimate lunacy.

  6. ChickenGuru says:

    ‘A well guided blade may find your throat at any time’? Play Assasin’s Creed much?

  7. PastaPirate says:

    What cracked me up was the fact that they said, “We will keep an I on you.” I actually “laughed out loud” (lol) when I read that.

    — E.S, a 12 ans de vieux pirate.

  8. Johnny Aldente says:

    100% fake!

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