death threat

Published October 17th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I received this today. My guess is that it’s fake (“the society of L” makes me think so). But I’ve thought that before and been wrong. What do you guys think?

the Society is watching your activities with concern, as it includes:
– Active denial of HIS creation
– Active violation of the first commandment
– Implicit support for the cainitic and other heretical, blashemical or ungodly incarnations.

Therefore, the brothers of the Society have set you on the list of possible hunting targets.
You should revise your activities show that you are not tainted by the devil or work under influence of the Wyrm, as some brothers suggested.

We will keep an I on you. Should the unholy blasphemy continue, a well guided blade may find your throat at any time.

Be aware.
The Society of L.

262 Responses to “death threat”

  1. ihatemyspace says:

    I really really think this is fake. But I guess you never know.

  2. ۞ says:

    Not until they kill you, you don’t anyway and then only for a few moments as the blood gushes from your neck….

  3. ۞ says:

    @Thalassophobic Pie Rat
    Hey hands off my Booty – she’s mine I tell you!

  4. Brujah says:

    That looks like a prank based on the World of Darkness series.. The term cainites stands for vampires, the Wyrm is a God that symbolizes Chaos and is hunted by werewolves, and there exists a Leopold Society which hunts vampires.

  5. Captain Codpiece says:

    Scuttle the scallywag an’ there’ll be booty enough for all o’ ya! Extra rations of grog tonight me lad! Arrrr!

  6. Captain Codpiece says:

    (out of character) I looked that stuff up too in Wikepedia.

  7. Deamonette says:

    Fuck…reading this was wierd!
    Best of luck with living a long life! Hahah
    Still with some of the previous post,call the feds!

  8. Boof says:

    Given the bad grammar, I really hope it’s a fake. :) I will totally be keeping ALL my “I” on you.

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