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FSM Back Yard Sighting

Published October 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

[From Stacy at She Dreams in Digital]

Flying Spaghetti Monster Sighted in My Back Yard


As I was walking out to my garage this morning, I heard a noise coming from the trees in my back yard. I went to investigate and saw what appeared to be noodles hanging from a couple branches. I thought it was odd until I saw them move, then I knew I had something phenomenal on my hands! So I ran into the house ot grab my camera, and when I returned, it was on the ground hiding in the shubbery. It was then that I recognized the meatballs. I could only hope that these pictures would turn out!


The monster meant me no harm… it just slowly came forward and looked into my eyes as if it inherently trusted me. It was almost as thought it could read my thoughts. I gently coaxed it out from under shrubs.


I couldn’t believe my luck… it decided to come out and do a beautiful dance for me in the wild flowers!! Dance, Flying Spaghetti Monster! Dance! Here is a picture of the dance:


I apologized for the weeds in my yard but She laughed and said if She didn’t like weeds she wouldn’t have invented them. That made a lot of sense to me. What a caring creature, that She even loves weeds!


“Why dost thou persecuteth my weeds? Let them grow, for they are hearty and shall quickly multiply!” She turned, and I got this shot before She flew away. I was overcome with a sense of peace and love for everything in nature and I vowed that I would never wage war against the weeds in my yard again. Goodbye, Flying Spaghetti Monster! See for yourself! These pictures are proof that She exists!

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