An interesting question

Published October 17th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I understand that this monster can change scientific discoveries, but how do you know that there is not a more superior being that is fooling you into believing that there is in fact a monster, just like the “monster” is fooling scientists?

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  1. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Yay Thumper
    Hellooo there wonderful wise wabbit :)
    Swimsuit time has come around again in Oz…how’s the beaches?

  2. Thumper ™ says:

    I loooooove swimsuit time…today is my wedding day…all the females types have left the building to get hair and make up done and I’m sitting here alone waiting for my best man and grooms men to show up…it’s then off to a hotel in the city to get dressed…I’ve prepared the speech, packed the bag and the waiting is killing me…*insert nervous wabbit*…

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Thumper ™ Oct 19th, 2007 at 6:25 pm
    “today is my wedding day”
    Screeeee…Thumper… have the best day ever :))
    Honestly I can’t send you enough good thoughts…..hope everything runs smooth for you and Bambi (;)
    Hehehehe…you’ll be a married man tommorow.
    *insert nervous wabbit*.
    Relax…be yourself and you’ll do just fine. No good to start worrying now.
    I send you both all my very best wishes for a perfect day.
    May His Noodlyness make an effort on your behalf.
    Sending really good vibes to your lovely bride too.
    Cheers Thumper :)))))

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    p.s. Probably best to leave Ships Cat at home for this one :p

  5. our Thumper ™ gets married today :) says:


  6. Thumper ™ says:

    The cat is bound and gagged in the boot of my car…thank you muchly for the nice thoughts…it’s neally time for kick off so I’d best get my game face on…should be a fun day…lots of family and friends…bit worried about what the best man will say in his speech…oh well…this will be my last post as a single(ish) wabbit so adios for now…Ramen…

  7. our Thumper ™ gets married today :) says:

    “it’s neally time for kick off so I’d best get my game face on”
    That’s the Thumper spirit I know and love :))
    Catch you on the roundabout sunshine.

  8. Wench Cyka says:

    @ Thumper
    Ships Cat in the trunk?!?
    Are you really trying to jinx yourself that bad?
    Have you ever seen the kind of havoc a mad, intelligent cat can wreak?
    *shudders on Thumper’s behalf*
    If you’re very lucky, he’ll wait til the honeymonn to make his terror known!
    Best of luck to ya!

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