An interesting question

Published October 17th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I understand that this monster can change scientific discoveries, but how do you know that there is not a more superior being that is fooling you into believing that there is in fact a monster, just like the “monster” is fooling scientists?

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  1. storm petrel says:

    Like when I miss the ‘e’ and hit ‘r’ while trying to spell terrible.

  2. Iron Bess says:

    The father is the FSM his sons are the Linguini, the Lasagna, the Penne and the Macaroni, all sent to earth to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of mankind. When we eat his body and drink his blood, our squiggly souls get nourishment of the carb kind.

  3. One-eyed Wonderkin says:

    EEWW, Iron Bess, you dring pasta water? You are hard core.

  4. El Peatieablo says:

    two words:
    “beervolcano” and “stripperfactory”
    grammar is for suckers!

  5. daqq says:

    I don’t have the FSM bible (not enough money to spare). WHat came before the FSM?

  6. PacificPam says:

    @daqq. Nothing.

  7. ramses-rox says:

    for some of those people who said “SHE’S A WITCH BURN HER!” leave witches alone they seam pretty cool… oh and go to http://www.freewebs.com/awsumnessanity

  8. One-eyed Wonderkin says:

    @Ramses-rox – are you a witch? There are a couple of us who identify ourselves as such and post here. In my case, I am not Wiccan, but witch is a handy identifier.

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