Why pick Christians?

Published September 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Why pick Christians? Are Christians the only ones who actually push their beliefs onto others? I consider myself a Christian, but in no way am I a devote Christian. I do not believe in the bible, but think that the stories overall are more of guidelines by how to lead a life in which you are happy and are able to help others. I do think that it is “outdated” in a way. I believe in evolution and science and am not ignorant to solid, evident proof. I do hate it when “atheists” bash other religions, and they usually target Christianity. There are Muslims who die for their god and Jews who also try to spread their beliefs. I recently started going to college and have realized that there is one Christian club, but there are many more Jewish organizations, despite the fact that they are an apparent minority. This e-mail is just my expression that even though Christians DO try to push their beliefs onto others, there are other religions who do the same. And also, it’s not Christians in general. Christianity is the main trunk but the branches are the ones who have different views. I am Roman Catholic and I don’t think that we are the ones converting others even though we are still Christina. I know Mormons try to convert people but they are only one branch of Christianity. There may be different branches that do the same but as a whole, not all Christians are asshats who try to convert others.
-Marcin S

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  1. Alistair says:

    You got there just ahead of me Vivian. I’d also like to point out that many in the West are far more familliar with the basic precepts of Chirstianity then they are with other religions, so it makes sence to use them in examples and analogies.

  2. neal says:

    Why pick Christians? How about because they’re in everyone’s face. Ever hear of a “Jewish” evangelist. Of course not.

    Then there is the method of Christians. The “you just know what I’m saying is the truth, and you’re only resisting “cause your evil”, and if you continue to not believe, you’ll be sent to someplace where you’ll be tortured without end by the Chirst who loves you and is God and who died because his father who is also God demanded someone be butchered because your ancestor 300 generations removed from you committed some offense which caused this loving god to start murdering everything he created in the universe. BTW, he’s gonna keep right on killing every thing that lives, even though he loves and has forgiven us, but if you play your cards right and believe in Jesus, he’ll let you party with him, jesus and the holy ghost after he murders you.”

    Then there is the insistence that this sick screed be inculcated in children before their critical faculties can form. And not just their kids. Why do you think they want prayer and religion in public schools? It’s so everyone’s kids, including the kids of parents of differing world views, get the trreatment, at taxpayer expense, no less.

    And then these pricks havd the nerve to come on sites like this, and spread their gospel of fear and repression. No wonder thinking, intelligent pepole pick on them. It’s because they pick on us.

  3. walter the walrus says:

    1) Mormonism is not related to Christianity. It is a cult. 2) Most Christians, dont want to “push” their beliefs on anyone, they simply what to share the light of what the Savior Jesus Christ has done in them. 3) Roman Catholicism IS more pagan because they do not pursue a true relationship with God and Jesus therefore they are left wanting more, and turn to things of this world to fill voids. 4) You cant be a demon with no soul, demons are only spirits. 5) One day every knee shall bow

  4. Earthbreaker says:

    Why pick Christians?

    You were nearest at the time

  5. Anonymous says:

    You wrote:

    “I am Roman Catholic and I don’t think that we are the ones converting others even though we are still Christina.”

    Our problem is with Christianity, not Christina, so never fear, dear friend!

  6. Dan says:

    Walter (#171) – I saw the attack on Mormons and Catholics but nothing against the FSM, are you feeling OK?

  7. littleanimal says:

    “There may be different branches that do the same but as a whole, not all Christians are asshats who try to convert others.”

    The ones that don’t are not the problem.

    What’s with the hatemail? Why pick us?

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