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Trader Joes sign – praise or threat?

Published September 29th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Long spotted this sign at the Trader Joe’s in Santa Barbara, California. I was very happy to see it. It’s nice to see such a large corporation take notice of our religion.

I believe this sign is specific to only this one store (please let me know if you spot one in another location), but maybe this is just the beginning. Of course, if they are going to use the FSM as a spokesman in any national advertising campaigns, we’d probably suggest they make a donation.

I showed this ad to a friend, and he had a completely different response to it; he wondered if the “Grab Your Forks” comment was meant as a threat to our deity, who is “coincidentally” directly below those words. What do you think? Either way, I think that the Church will benefit from the publicity. Thank you, mystery Trader Joes sign-maker.

Note to Trader Joes corporate people: You’re welcome to use the FSM for your advertisements. Email me. Also, thank you for two-buck-chuck.

Click for a more-giant version of the picture.

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