I think you guys are taking it too far

Published September 24th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

I saw your Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster website today.

Okay, it’s great to have a bit of a laugh, and I did when I read the bit about ‘our God having bigger balls than yours’ but I think you guys are taking it too far.

10 million people? Get real. No-one believes in that crap. Your only supporters are atheists, which means they don’t believe in a God.

Academic endorsements? You don’t need a PhD to understand God. Having a PhD does not mean that you can make judgements about God and religion, put them in a box and say “this is God”. No-one can do that.

Also, don’t you think that you might be offending some people? Openly discriminating another religion is not regarded as a decent thing to do. This is not the Crusades. Get with the times. We Christians don’t openly insult other religions on web pages, nor do they against us. There is nothing wrong with having a joke without poking fun at others.

Seriously, I think you guys are pathetic.

I’m not even going to try and counter your theories, because I don’t need to, they’re so stupid.

The reason I sent you this email was because I saw your hate mail page and thought I might contribute.

One last thing, to all you so-called ‘Christians’ out there posting hate-mail on this website, I don’t think you’re acting like a Christian if you threaten them with hell, or tell them God will punish them, because of the website.

You’re just as bad as the creators of the website.

Get a life, Mr. Henderson. Stop acting like a primary school kid.

You must be an AMerican, to come up with such crap.

If you want to actually be saved, read the real bible.

Please publish this on your hate mail page. Otherwise writing this email will have been in vain


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  1. Newbie says:

    “Also, don’t you think that you might be offending some people? Openly discriminating another religion is not regarded as a decent thing to do.”

    Yes, I think it’s extremely offending. All those christians going on and on about their religion, which by the way is one of the latests moves, not the earliest or most classic ones, in the disco. I object having to stay outside of my school building every Wednesday morning when I was young, because I did not want to participate in the predominant denomination’s morning prayer. 15 minutes every friggin Wed I’d stay outside, rain or snow.

    Okay, granted my childhood wasn’t that bad and the religious oppression was fairly mild, but I do get pissed off at guys like you sometimes: what gives you the right to shove that bull***t of yours down my, or anyone else’s who’s not listening, throat? And to then turn around and get all offended buy the FSMs? Come on.

    Let me ask you this: if there was only one god, yours, did he create all the people not believing in him? If not, who did, and if he did, why exactly? Oh yeah, I know, “mysterious are his ways…” Handy, isn’t it, that one all-purpose sentence. Oh well, I haven’t had many decent discussions with any sort of believer, so why should this one be any exception. I’m still all for discussion though, so keep it (both the amusing christian high-horse discrimination and the 5-year-old’s “I’m feeling aww hurt” comments) coming.

    (caveat: English is not my mother tongue, so to have a bash at that makes no sense)

  2. Minuteman says:

    Lets face it God needs money :)

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