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FSM Graffiti – please don’t

Published September 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, this isn’t ok:


The Huntsville Forester published the above photo with an article titled “Police catch prolific graffiti vandals”.

“After nine complaints and 11 reported graffiti incidents from Aug. 13 to Aug. 22, five youths, who cannot be identified under the Youth and Criminal Justice Act, were found to be responsible for the damage,” stated Huntsville OPP constable Lynda Cranney.

Some of the buildings in town that were the subject of the graffiti, which often included the letters FSM, standing for flying spaghetti monster, were the Huntsville Place Mall, the Huntsville Curling Club, the Huntsville Forester, among others.

Note to vandals: It’s nice that you care so deeply about your faith, but this type of thing makes us look really bad. There are plenty of ways you can Spread the Word without damaging other people’s property. I would be happy to suggest socially acceptable activities, just contact me.

Note to Huntsville: I’m sorry!

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