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Baltimore Sun: His Noodliness reigns unchallenged in Hampden

Published September 28th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


The Baltimore Sun ran another article today about Jacob Corbin’s FSM billboard on the side of his Hampden house.

Jacob Corbin-Beal bought a Hampden rowhouse that happened to have a billboard on one side, and he wasn’t sure what to do with the thing. The seller had led him to believe it wasn’t quite kosher under city regs, unless he rented it back to the guy, who owns a repair shop and was offering a measly 40 bucks a month.

Then Corbin-Beal had an idea. An epiphany, really, inspired by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

He bought yards and yards of sump pump hose, a couple of saucer sleds and some spray paint, then created what looks like a giant plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Two Wiffle ball eyes poke out from the pile. Below, in black and white, it says, “Believe Your Noodly Master, Hon.”

The article is pretty good, you can read it here.

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for writing about this a second time, and Jacob for taking the time and effort to make such an impressive billboard.

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