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Argentina billboard promotes Pastafarianism

Published September 26th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thales spotted this giant billboard in the Cordoba, Argentina airport. Notice the Pirate Fish. Lindsay spotted a similar ad in an Argentine magazine several months ago – posted here.

I translated (poorly) the text of the ad as follows:

To Know – The Argentina Cultural Patrimony – To Take, Yes – To Take, No.

Lindsay interpreted the print ad as: The ad sponsored by the Argentine federal government is explaining what things can be taken out of the country, such as tattoos, and what things cannot, such as fossils. Its a cultural preservation type text.

The web address printed, www.cultura.gov.ar (notice the government domain), seems to confirm this. The website appears to belong to a cultural preservation organization.

What is intriguing is that there is no mention of the Pirate Fish on the website. Why did they use our symbol for their advertisements promoting cultural preservation?

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence they used the image of the Pirate Fish – one of our most sacred symbols. But, I choose to interpret it as the first step towards official recognition of Pastafarianism by the Argentine government.

It makes sense; I’m told Argentina is a devoutly Catholic country. The government is smart to gradually introduce a replacement religion; too suddenly, and people would surely protest. The Pirate Fish ad could be explained away as a “mistake” or “coincidence” if trouble arises.

What’s next Argentina? I’m happy to help. I would be pleased to visit your country to help spread Pastafarianism awareness.

Click for a less-small version of this picture.

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