Small win for Science in the UK

Published June 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Clearly a result of the London Pirate Demonstration – A recent statement by the UK prime minister includes the following:

The Government is clear that creationism and intelligent design are not part of the science National Curriculum programmes of study and should not be taught as science.

The full statement can be found here

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  1. Jingles says:

    2 semesters, started “holiday” last thursday, and have already racked up 32 hours of work :S
    If you can wear a somberero (sp?) or a melon hat, can drinkcopious (and I mean COPIOUS) quantities of booze, and can come up with loud, preferably hilarious, drunken chants, you will be as equipped to watch the game as Richie Bernaud.

  2. Her Most Serene Highness Wench Lady Octarine1 the Undulant of Hopton Goosnargh says:

    bohemian rhapsody! stairway to heaven! dark side of the moon!(pink floyd) these are some of the things you will hear on triple m!
    now, down to buisiness. 1 can pirates wear kaftans/capes? moustaches are obviously in
    i need to be able to celebrate caperil, MOvember and kaftan day as a pirate!
    please, ask what those are!
    2 video games- must… be… able… to play…METROID!!! it may help to know that IDiot gamers are rare. um… i think… er… maybe.
    and lastly, weaponry. can we bring our own?
    i have lots! i smith em myself!
    swords/daggers mostly. very piratey! arr!

  3. Her Most Serene Highness Wench Lady Octarine1 the Undulant of Hopton Goosnargh says:

    also, to booty, nope, you dont know me, havent posted before today lol
    also, for a while i had a 1-person religion as a pepsi demon, (we have only 2 weaknesses, first to guess em wins or was listening to spoony about superstitions lol)
    so, i only started posting toady but read it for ages. i know all the jokes about rowing (oars – need i say more?)
    ill list what i listen to on triple m
    john & jane (breakfast show)
    get this – tony martin, ed kavalee and richard marsland
    “those idiots cr**ing on about kaftans” – tony martin.
    “nothing is sacred, no topic taboo.
    what do you wanna talk about”
    sig- remember, if the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off

  4. her most serene highness wench lady octarine1 the undulant of hopton goosnargh says:

    dont remember who posted it but we aussies arent englishmen a long way from home.
    what englishman would put a perfectly good pie in mushy peas? none, even while drunk. lol
    there you have it, mate.
    i agree with nikkee – we do tend to win @ cricket
    sig – (something i say myself sometimes just to sound insane)
    “the pepsi-cheese will rule the world!”
    what do you think? is it insane-sounding?

  5. Wench Beth says:

    Be careful when you mention peas… there is someone here who will make you walk the plank for it!

  6. wench octarine says:

    my name. im cutting back for health reasons
    now, who do you mean beth
    if they want ill sign a peas treaty
    hmm. not sure i know who you mean.
    i have inner peas since i discovered fsm
    sig – and … world peas!

  7. Jingles says:

    So WO, another Aussie ey?
    I’m gonna guess an eastern stater? Love your taste in music btw :D

  8. noodleists? says:

    people eating pasta on beaches in pirate regalia… that is a noodlist beach

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