Small win for Science in the UK

Published June 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Clearly a result of the London Pirate Demonstration – A recent statement by the UK prime minister includes the following:

The Government is clear that creationism and intelligent design are not part of the science National Curriculum programmes of study and should not be taught as science.

The full statement can be found here

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  1. Alchemist says:

    “If you’ve come to the point where you have to trump Englands only Ashes win in like 2 decades then Nikkiees point about Oz beating the crap out of England is well made.
    Yup :) 31:28 to the Aussies. Not so clear cut when you take in the whole picture.
    Damn. I love statistics – so pliable :)
    (oh yeah – they’ve been ahead of us since the ’80s – good time then. Strong England, strong Australia and a legendary West Indies team. I sincerely hope we can put up a decent team for the next Series. Nothing short of humiliation this time. Useless tossers!)

  2. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Alchemist Jun 23rd, 2007 at 5:38 am
    “Remind me Nikkiee – Did Oz retain the Ashes or regain them? :D”
    Bloody hell, you win the Ashes for the first time in a brazillion years (:p)) and we never here the end of it! :))) But that’s Ok :)) Understandable that you guys want to hold that victory foremost in your minds….under the circumstances :p))))))
    Sorry…have to leave you with that. :)
    Gotta sleep :(
    p.s. pup now thinks it’s gymnastic lion. Launches itself into the air like a cat going spastic when it’s playing! Have more sympathy for those bitemark holes in your arms now. :)) Memories of having a young pup around are all coming back to me again!
    Catch you all later. Have a good morning/afternoon/evening all

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Hahahahaha…didn’t see DPGs post before I submitted mine :)
    Night all

  4. Jingles says:

    Ohhhh cricket :D
    The awesome displays of talent, rivetting drama, and even an exciting game in Perth (I didn’t know it was possible!!), topped off by the “Talking Boony”**, made this the best ashes ever. Except for possibly the other time Aussies drove England into the ground 5-0 (but I doubt any of us were alive back then, so this kinda wins).
    @۞, duly favourited :D
    **VB, the beer of the gods themselves, had a marketing promotion where you could get these two 15cm high plastic statuettes, of David Boon and Ian Botham, (Ozzy and Pommy cricketers respectively from around the 80s-90s). What was special was they where synchronized to the games, and would crack out jokes and taunts all game. Did you poms get anything like this?

  5. Jingles says:

    Hy Nikkiee, Bye Nikkiee

  6. thesorgo says:

    after looking at the rules for cricket i have decided that i must not be meant to understand it. (that’s how i rationalize everything i don’t get)
    I’d have to watch it to understand

  7. Alchemist says:

    Hi Jingles – nice to see you again. You on holiday now (I have no idea about your term times, you have three or two?)
    No – nothing like that that I remember – sounds a laugh though. Wonder why they didn’t do one of Geoff Boycott ?

  8. Alchemist says:

    “I’d have to watch it to understand”
    I wouldn’t bet. I’ve been playing and watching cricket for most of my life and I still have problems with the rules.

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