Pirate ships invade Portland

Published June 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Tall Sailing Ships in Portland at Waterfront Park, May 31 – June 10.

I wish I could go.

Read about it here.

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  1. tadd says:

    They (the ships) were here in Eureka, CA a few weeks ago, the kids loved it (got to tour the ships, etc). Don’t miss this especially if you have kids it’s great!
    – Ramen –

  2. Gorganoth The Destroyer says:

    I have been on one of those ships before. I have been on the Lady Washington. I did it all in His name. Ramen!

  3. piratelink says:

    hey they came to eureka about five weeks ago and i got to see them.

  4. Ross says:

    Just gimme 237 years to build a pirate ship Dutch and we’ll be off =)

  5. Gaara the Pirate Ninja says:

    Don’t bother waiting that long. Drink some grog, get your band of maruders and go out and steal a ship. Or buy one if you don’t want to get arrested. Hey, speaking of ships, When I read THE GOSPEL OF THE FSM and it said that our chruch was to be a pirate ship. Does anyone know where the ship is because I want to help and donate some $$.

  6. m says:

    I live in Portland, and these were so cool to see. Way prettier than the Navy ships that dock here during the Rose Festival. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Navy ships. They just aren’t that attractive.)

  7. BuyHighSellLow says:

    The weather was noticeably cooler when the ships were in town……..

  8. angryyoungatheist says:

    these are some very cool ships.

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