Pirate ships invade Portland

Published June 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Tall Sailing Ships in Portland at Waterfront Park, May 31 – June 10.

I wish I could go.

Read about it here.

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  1. n1n0 says:


  2. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    I wish we could all go! What a great opportunity it would be to see “real” pirate ships and also spread His Noodly Word!

  3. Professor B♥♥ty says:

    Where’s the tavern? ;)

  4. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    Congratulations, n1n0, on getting first post!

  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    They’re just beautiful :))

  6. Lilith♥ says:

    They are beautiful! Wish I wasn’t sea sick :)

  7. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    Lilith, that’s why the FSM invented dramamine and meclazine!! So that his beloved wenches could sail the seven seas!! So don’t worry about getting seasick :)

  8. Sore pAncake says:

    They are so neat! I was in portland this last weekend and took a tour. I asked the tour guide what he thought about global warming.. he said it was bad….

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