Pirate ships come in all sizes

Published June 24th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

With the Grace of FSM on our side, my friends and embarked on a quest last weekend to end global warming.


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  1. Lord of the Pirate Fish says:

    @DPG- this one’s a born again christion with a severe case of Dogma and HDD combined.

  2. Stereotypical Environmentalist... says:

    Wench Beth, I know that this response is a bit late, but no, there was no special meaning to that spelling, unless by special meaning you mean misspelling and typo. In that case, yes, there was special meaning to my name.
    To what…the…heck: Have fun burning along side us according to the Christian saying, which I can see will have much use in fenging off many like you, “Love thy neighbor”.

  3. Red DutchPasta Wench says:

    It is so sad when they get to us too late, if only they would come sooner :(

  4. DutchPastaGuy says:

    “It is so sad when they get to us too late, if only they would come sooner :(”
    True. On the other hand, their loss is our gain. The incureable HDD’ers won’t be having any fun ever, but they sure give us a roaring good laugh:)

  5. Red DutchPasta Wench says:

    Very true :)

  6. Wench Beth says:

    I miss the blue name links. I haven’t gotten any new souls in weeks :(

  7. Saint Mark says:

    Sad :(

  8. Captain Hook says:

    Hi everyone, I’m going to a huge 4th of July party tomorrow, lots of people going to be there. I wish I had $50.. or so dollars, to print up FSM fliers. But I just don’t.:( Stupid paper and ink cost money. Could anybody send me a few bucks? Any money you give me, will go towards paper and ink, for fliers. Thank you. My addy is cpthook5833[at]hotmail[dot]com. Thanks to all Pastafarians.

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