Pirate Fish hidden in Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

Published June 15th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, I’m just wondering – has anyone spotted a Pirate Fish hidden somewhere in Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Months ago, one of the animators told me they’d slip it in somewhere. I haven’t seen it yet, and no one has told me they saw it yet. Is it there?


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  1. Rogue The Defiant says:

    Yes there be a one eyed fishy in the wanning scenes of fight and furry in the recent POC movie. I was not aware that the fish had a modern Banner bearer but I am pleased to find Piracy ( not the newbie trendy kind) is alive and well and still birthing dissent in the world. Remeber the code kids ” Borrow what you can and on pain of death ne’er pay it back.”
    by the by you gutter minded gob cods that is the flag one eyed fish and not the deck after deck of salt wilted pirate jigglies.

    Cheers and pillaging,
    Rogue the Defiant

  2. Milo says:

    Here is a link PROVING the existence of the FSM!
    And yes, I know it is just a smoke angel. Theonly people who hatemail FSM are complete idiots who are stong creationists and don’t get sarcasm.

  3. Lord of the Pirate Fish says:

    wow that does look like the FSM sorta. yes i did see the pirate fish in POTC 3 after i went and saw it for the third time. i won’t tell because i want you guys to use your spyglasses and find it.

  4. parenting toddler says:

    parenting toddler…

    Love your blog, will definitely come back….

  5. J0oshua says:


    This was one time where I have to agree to disagree…

  6. Nelson says:

    I saw it. I did.

  7. My Chemical Flying Spaghetti Monster! RAmen says:

    Hey dudes. it’s non uniform at school soon so i’m gonna take the oppurtuinty to wear full pirate regalia and hand out a few FSM flyers.

  8. sale flags says:

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