Published June 23rd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Looking at an old photo I took of the petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock, I was shocked to find a depiction of FSM! See upper left.


40 Responses to “Petroglyphs”

  1. ۞ says:


  2. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    Disgracefull! Throw some spaghetti at them!

  3. ۞ says:

    No way! I’m not wasting perfectly good spaghetti on those IDiots

  4. Red Dutch Pasta Wench says:

    I wasn’t saying it had to be GOOD spaghetti :) Toss them some leftovers, good enough for them.

  5. iredlk says:

    it’s time for my pilgrimage to the sacred rock then.

  6. Gaara the Pirate says:

    yeh does some 20 cents ramen that was found in the garbage at them. they’ll learn that way.

    i think the u.s. grocery store UKROPS is pastafarian freidly even though they aren’t pastafarians themselves. i mean that because i saw ramen on sale for 14 cents!! not convinced? pack of spaghetti for $1 !! Mac and cheese for $1.50 !!

  7. Ollie Beaney says:

    It is cool to see how the FSM is above all the chaos!!

  8. Coffressi says:

    This is ancient graffiti lets clean that rock immediately.

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