JollyFish hat

Published June 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

At long last, the jollyfish scarf, which became a jollyfish hat, is finished. I’m giving it to my pal tonight when he comes over for festivities.

When you have recruited your pirate missionaries, you might want to think about organizing a knitathon. Sort of like the knitathons that go on for soldiers when we’re at war. Those pirates will need hats, particularly if they succeed, and the planet cools off again.


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  1. Gaara the Pirate says:

    you know whatevever people do to create stuff, like how much of a color you need stuff like that. i don’t do that stuff. i don’t need to, i just ask my mom and she does it.

  2. captain curly says:

    its the best hat ever but like alot of people i cannot knit it must be either mass produced or like someone elses idea take someone who could knit it

  3. Pastafarian Girl says:

    That hat rocks my little striped socks! All pastafarians need a hat like that to wear on cold days!

    Love it!

    RAmen sista!

  4. Cap'n Annie says:

    I gotta agree — coolest hat ever (well, except for the head-mounted squid). Time to swatch.
    And matching socks. Got to have matching socks (that’s mostly what I knit).
    Set sail for the nearest LYS!

    RAmen, pirate sister. Knit with the noodly appendage!

  5. first mate Cramp says:

    Oh my…. Oh my…
    please send me the pattern
    shameless dot hussy at g mail dot com
    I need to make this for Cap’n Cramp for our cold nights at sea

  6. Etay says:

    Add this to my list of Sexy Pastafarian Hats, along with that FSM Mardi Gras hat.

  7. Knittingjuju says:

    Hi Pastafarians. Somehow I missed that this post posted… The pattern (that is, the instructions with the knitting chart) is available for download under “free patterns” at knittingjuju.wordpress.com. Recommend you download the chart, then hang around your local yarn store looking forlorn…. or waving cash around until some knitter takes pity on you…

  8. Jollyfish hat « knittingjuju says:

    […] the Geologist is a full member in good standing of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). So I made him this hat. Knit it for your favorite Pastafarian. Knit it to encourage the piracy […]

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