JollyFish hat

Published June 22nd, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

At long last, the jollyfish scarf, which became a jollyfish hat, is finished. I’m giving it to my pal tonight when he comes over for festivities.

When you have recruited your pirate missionaries, you might want to think about organizing a knitathon. Sort of like the knitathons that go on for soldiers when we’re at war. Those pirates will need hats, particularly if they succeed, and the planet cools off again.


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  1. Wench Beth says:

    Oh, ۞, give me a break! If one of the hot strippers at the Stripper Factory was wearing the pirate fish hat and a pirate bikini — and proceeded to take them off — I don’t think you would complain! :)))

  2. her most serene highness wench lady octarine1 the undulant of hopton goosnargh says:

    wb – you claim to know me…
    er… but … i dont know me…
    i mean i dont think you do. lol
    mail me
    [email protected]
    i wanna know who i am

  3. Pirate Patty says:

    Great piece of design and knitting. I need the pattern! Please!

  4. new york pastafarian says:

    i want that hat……

    mehheh, toobad i cant knit for beans, i know! ill take someone hostage on my next pillage and force them to make it!


  5. Wench Nikkiee says:

    “i cant knit for beans, i know! ill take someone hostage on my next pillage and force them to make it!”
    That should work :)
    “hey you.. can you knit?…..you can……right then I’m taking you hostage”
    hehehehehe… :p))
    Have you any grandmothers…older aunts ect. around? :))
    They’re usually quite handy for that sort of thing. I’m sure if my Grandmother were still alive she would have been able to work out that pattern. Wouldn’t be too hard for someone familiar with knitting.

  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Get the scale (number) of the stitches and then draw it out on graph paper I think.
    Maybe :))

  7. Gaara the Pirate says:

    hey my mom is a sticher. she could make that hat and show me how. then i could show the plan to make one of those hats to you guys.

  8. Bebop says:


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