Jolly Roger Banned

Published June 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Some neighborhood council in Hampshire banned a man from flying the Jolly Roger at his son’s birthday party.

The article doesn’t mention if he was a Pastafarian, but I would not be surprised. I doubt this was an issue of religious discrimination, more likely just an uptight council. It sounds like he’ll get permission to fly the flag after filing for some permits, but if not, I suggest that he plays the religious discrimination card.

The article is here.

145 Responses to “Jolly Roger Banned”

  1. Joshua says:

    You all think your just being funny. But your not.
    You need to think about what you are doing seriously and read this:

  2. I-ya says:

    This is just ridiculous!

  3. ۞ says:

    You fundies never give up do you.

  4. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    Hey, Joshua, welcome to the wonderful world of FSM! Hope you enjoy your stay here. We’re actually not Satanists; we believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster as the Supreme and Noodly Creator of the Universe. But you and Satan (and anyone else) are welcome here!
    Remember this famous quote as you peruse our site:
    “A thorough reading and understanding of the Bible is the surest path to atheism.”

  5. Lilith♥ says:

    Joshua: busted!! I read the toolbar :P

  6. ۞ says:

    That article you’ve linked to is hilarious, is it serious?

  7. Lilith♥ says:

    so, I’ll change my link back to normal. All those soulbusters here, too much competition… I just have to be careful in future! Can’t trust your own frinds anymore :D

  8. Lilith♥ says:

    Rub El Hizb, you are such a clever bastard!!! :))

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