Jolly Roger Banned

Published June 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Some neighborhood council in Hampshire banned a man from flying the Jolly Roger at his son’s birthday party.

The article doesn’t mention if he was a Pastafarian, but I would not be surprised. I doubt this was an issue of religious discrimination, more likely just an uptight council. It sounds like he’ll get permission to fly the flag after filing for some permits, but if not, I suggest that he plays the religious discrimination card.

The article is here.

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  1. Wench Nikkiee says:

    ‘Yes, I found religion. I found it to be completely worthless.’. It didn’t take Jeff Mills long to get around:
    Hehehehehehe… :))

  2. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    Just went and checked behind the sofa, but no RECENT COMMENTS there. I’ll try the garage next.

  3. Rowdier Wench says:

    You know, if we had a RECENT COMMENTS section around here I’d have known that this thread was active too…
    Let me know if you find any, Wench Beth! I’m off to combat global warming…

  4. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    And boy, did you EVER, Rowdier Wench (and Wench Sara)!!! Excellent job — and thanks for the great pix!

  5. Professor B♥♥ty says:

    Well, I checked our garage too, and loads of crap, but no RECENT COMMENTS.
    And they were brilliant photos, Rowdier :D

  6. illusio says:


  7. fundraising says:

    Pastafarians rule!

  8. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    Pastafarians would rule even more if they had their RECENT COMMENTS back!

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