Jolly Roger Banned

Published June 8th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


Some neighborhood council in Hampshire banned a man from flying the Jolly Roger at his son’s birthday party.

The article doesn’t mention if he was a Pastafarian, but I would not be surprised. I doubt this was an issue of religious discrimination, more likely just an uptight council. It sounds like he’ll get permission to fly the flag after filing for some permits, but if not, I suggest that he plays the religious discrimination card.

The article is here.

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  1. Number10022 says:

    What? I wouldn’t have thought anyone in Britain would care! Just goes to show there are some pretty petty people in the world.

  2. thesorgo says:

    This is sad.
    I am going to wear my eyepatch with pride today

  3. DutchPastaGuy says:

    Good to see you’re not letting others force you into the Christian believers mold. An independent mind is a good thing (if used sensibly). If your parents tell you ‘as long as you live in our house you will be religious’, then how do they look at you wearing Pastafarian regalia?
    Attending any more church mass this Sunday or have your folks kept their promise?

  4. ♥ Wench Beth ♥ says:

    That story is very strange. Who, religious or not, has a problem with flying a pirate flag for a little boy’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed birthday party? The neighbor who called the authorities has got more than a few screws loose! But is it really illegal to fly the Jolly Roger in England??? Please tell me ‘no’!!

    Regardless, this is definitely a case of religious discrimination. We should storm the British government with cutlasses and frying pans in hand and demand restitution – or just pillage and plunder the whole place. Arrrrrr, Tony Blair!!

  5. ۞ says:

    Damn, Missed medals by one!

  6. ۞ says:

    Or is that two!

  7. Lilith♥ says:

    It’s on so many toys…

  8. ۞ says:

    It isn’t illegal to fly the Jolly Roger in England.
    The issue is really about planning permission for the flag pole – which he does need.

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