(some) Religious leaders testify in Senate on Global Warming

Published June 7th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

From Reuters:

Several religious leaders — Episcopal, Catholic, Jewish and evangelical Christian — agreed on Thursday on the need to confront global warming, while other faith representatives questioned the climate change threat.

I’m a little annoyed that no one thought to ask for OUR opinion on this. Pastarians had a view on Global Warming long before it became trendy. And OUR theory is backed by hard science. And a statistically significant graph, which, by the way, has been printed in more than a couple textbooks now.

Anyway, you can read the article here.

37 Responses to “(some) Religious leaders testify in Senate on Global Warming”

  1. Jaycubed says:

    Please also note that PIRATES are most commonly found in HOT TROPICAL regions.

  2. Vic says:

    I write from an central american country Costa Rica, no, don’t look at central USA to look for my country :(, I mean the American Continent, the big one… yes. The thing is that we are getting a lot of heat over here! so I pledge to you all to dress like pirates and to be pirates all you can… in the meantime will be at the beach measuring the water levels :)

    Thanks in advanced,


  3. Ross says:

    @ Jaycubed
    They aren’t pirates they’re anti-pirates, if anything the FSM probably increased global warming for using pirates name invain. Pirates have parrots cutlasses and eyepatches. I just need the cutlass and I’m set =)

  4. AmericanFred says:

    @Angery Christian
    It doesn’t say anywhere in the Bible about potato chips but we all still eat them don’t we?

  5. AmericanFred says:

    I hate time zones

  6. Angery Christian says:

    I must say that global warming is not real. I have read the Bible form cover to cover and there is no mention of global warming, so it cannot be happening. Anyone that believes in global warming will feel a REAL burning in hell.

  7. DutchPastaGuy says:

    @Angery Christian
    Ah, that place again. Can you (apart from learning how to spell your own user name) tell us what’s up with burning of stuff in that little place in Norway:

  8. Angery Christian says:

    I was kidding, sorry. Though I am a Christian, I think it is very funny that some Christians think that God is dead and can only talk through the Bible, ie: if it is not written then it is not. I thought some of the things written here were funny, and did not think that all of you were being serious. Sorry for the confusion. I do know that global warming is real, I do think that evolution and creationism can work together (I do not think that God or the spaghetti monster was going to tell primitive man how life came to be in a literal sense). I really did not think that any of you were serious or that you would take me seriously. And as for what is burning up Norway, I have it on good authority that Thor is angry and has focused his might on the people of Norway. ;) (that was also a joke) So sorry about all of the angery “Christians” that make the rest of us look dumb. (On eof the reasons I misspelled angry)


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